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Dressers from Slumberland Furniture come in every shape, size, and style, so you can find the perfect decorative storage piece for your room. Whether you're looking for a tall, chic chest with rows of drawers, a modern mid-century armoire in warm wood, a slim lingerie bureau, or a matching bedroom dresser and mirror set, we have the looks you'll love for less.

FORM MEETS FUNCTION AT SLUMBERLAND FURNITURE Chests, dressers, and armoires provide storage and organization in any room of the house. Featuring stacking rows of drawers, these essential pieces are made to store your belongings and help you stay organized.

Discover our dresser clearance section, where you can find exceptional deals on a variety of stylish and functional dressers. From contemporary designs to timeless classics, explore our clearance collection to add a touch of elegance and organization to your bedroom or living space. Make the most of your bedroom space by choosing a chest of drawers that matches your storage needs. Consider the number and size of drawers required to house your belongings and whether your area allows you to include multiple storage units without crowding your current space. Deep, wide drawers are suited to storing folded clothing. Smaller, shallow drawers are ideal for socks and undergarments, while thin top drawers are perfect for jewelry and accessories. A vertical chest paired with a coordinated horizontal dresser is a winning combination for any bedroom.


The standard size for a rectangular dresser is approximately 30 inches tall, 20 inches deep, and 60 inches wide. But in reality, dresser size can vary. For example, the height of a dresser is often described as waist-high, but waist-high may vary significantly depending on a person's height. This means their height can range from a low as 26 inches and as tall as 44 inches. That being said, the standard height is usually between 30 and 36 inches.

The dresser size that works best depends on the size of the room in which it is placed. If the room is on the smaller side, a slender, taller dresser may work better. When going for a minimal look, a bachelor's chest can be ideal. This piece of furniture has a narrow frame, fewer drawers, and a shorter silhouette than a standard dresser. They are ideal for adding storage to under-utilized areas.

Larger rooms require larger dressers, and furniture in these spaces needs to fit the scale of the room. As long as there is plenty of clearance, a piece of furniture taller than the standard dresser, such as a highboy, works well. Height for highboys can also range widely, and they can reach up to six or seven feet. An armoire is also a good choice in a large space. This offers versatile storage for clothes that can be folded or hung up. Most armoires are about 60 inches wide, 60 inches high, and 17 inches deep. These dimensions double the amount of storage space, and because of the height of an armoire, they take up about the same amount of floor space.

Lastly, where the dresser is placed is key to keeping the space functional and comfortable. If you plan on adding mirrors for your bedroom , the space above the dresser is ideal. This means your dresser should be measured so that there is space above it for the mirror.


At Slumberland, we know form is equally as important as function. The right armoire or dresser will also enhance and even define your room's décor. We offer a wide selection to achieve your desired result.

Traditional dressers are all about elegance with deep woods for added drama, while mid-century modern chests have clean lines and tapered legs for a floating effect. Distressed wood finishes are incredibly versatile and popular with everyone, from the shabby chic set, the modern farmhouse owner, and even hygge enthusiasts. Other contemporary dresser options include understated, minimalist styles that stand out by blending in, mirrored panes, and armoires with sliding doors in place of common drawers with pulls.


Although dressers are traditional bedroom storage, there are several different types of storage options that also work well for the bedroom.


A dresser is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom. It is used for both storage and décor. The name dresser describes the function, as they are made to give you a place you can get dressed in front of. The drawers store clothing, and the mirror lets you check your appearance before you leave the room. At Slumberland, you'll find a variety of dresser furniture pieces, from wide and horizontal to vertical and tall. Find the perfect dressers you'll love at Slumberland.


Chests can be small and narrow like a bachelor's chest or taller with a cabinet section like a gentleman's chest. These pieces are considered chests and not dressers because they are narrow and often have less storage space than a dresser. Some bachelor's chests are small enough to be used as a nightstand. A gentleman's chest may have drawers and doors so that you can both fold and hang up clothes.


Armoires are by far the largest type of storage furniture in a bedroom. They were not originally used to keep clothing organized and out of the way but as a place to stash weapons and tools. Over the years, they evolved into storage for clothing. An armoire has ample space for hung and folded clothing.


If you are looking for bedroom furniture pieces to increase the storage in your bedroom, you've come to the right place. Our entire furniture selection will have something you're sure to love. Shop Slumberland Furniture for more examples of on-trend chests, dressers, and armoires. Speak with one of our friendly, expert salespeople to find the perfect piece for your space.