Bed Linens and Comforters

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Bed Linens and Comforters

Bed linens are what turn your bedroom into a comfortable and stylish haven. Shop Slumberland Furniture for our large collection of bedding including, comforters, duvets, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, and much more. Invest in the best bedding at a price point you can feel good about. 

All the Bedding You Need

Several pieces comprise the ultimate set of bedroom linens. Let us help you get started.

Bed Sheets

Sheets, both fitted and flat, are arguably the most important component of your bedding since it is the layer closest to your body. Sheeting preferences are very personal, and everyone tends to have their favorite feel. Do you like your sheets to feel crispy, light, and cool? Or do you prefer warm, cozy, and soft? Or perhaps you want to change your sheets with the season. Slumberland carries all your favorite sheet sets in fabrics ranging from Tencel to modal, bamboo, and more.

Bedspreads, Duvets, and Comforters

Bedspreads are the topmost layer of bedding that lend not only to your personal comfort but add to the look of your bedroom. Choose your ideal comforter based on warmth level or weight. For those who prefer a removable duvet cover over a down or synthetic-filled insert, Slumberland carries the styles and colors to complement your sanctuary.  Layer your bed with additional quilts and blankets in contrasting colors and materials for an even greater appeal.


No bed is complete without a variety of pillows to help you sleep in total comfort. Pillow preferences vary widely depending on your sleep position, physical limitations or ailments, and other considerations. Choose from standard or euro sizes, down or memory foam, plush with little give, or thin. Our pillow selection has something for everyone, including piles of pillowcases, matching shams, and decorative pillows to pull the look together. 

Linens to Suit Any Style

They say we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Make the most of that time with bed linens of high-quality and style at Slumberland Furniture. Choose from individual items, sheet sets, and full bedding sets.