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A lot happens around the table: stories are shared, problems are solved, and happy moments become precious memories. Slumberland Furniture offers dining room sets that will serve your family, friends, and guests for years to come. From large eight-person tables perfect for big events and holidays to three-piece kitchen sets designed for intimate spaces, we have the options you’ll love for less. 

Size up your Dining Room or Kitchen

As kitchen and dining sets are first and foremost places to eat, you need to make sure the pieces you choose suit your space and size needs. Are you looking to furnish a formal dining room? Full dining room sets with nine or eleven pieces have seating and table space for all your holiday, event, or dinner party guests. Five or six-piece sets are ideal for open-concept rooms and can serve double duty for homework and other activities, as well as family meals. What about small apartments or intimate eat-in kitchens? A three-piece bistro dining set might be all the room you have.

At Slumberland, we know how important it is to have options. That’s why we also offer sets with various features that help you better customize your dining space to your needs. Check out tables with leaves and extensions that can add space when you have a large group coming for a visit or sets with dining benches that can double as hallway seating when not in use at the table. 

Show Off Your Style with Kitchen and Dining Room Sets from Slumberland

The right dining furniture set doesn’t just provide a place to eat – it will also enhance your décor. Our collection has a variety of styles to make it easy for you to show off yours. 

Modern farmhouse and vintage-charm sets shine with creamy whites, warm woods, and weathered finishes, while trendy yet timeless mid-century modern pieces boast tapered legs, swooping lines, and subtle colors. Ornate wooden carvings and plush tufted upholstery are versatile enough for French classic, traditional, and glamour enthusiasts alike. 

Whether you just moved into a new home or are hoping to upgrade your existing space, Slumberland Furniture has affordable, functional, and stylish dining room sets for you.

One often overlooked yet critically important element of home decoration comes from dining sets. An elegant dining set can be the difference between a fine home decorating style that impresses and one that disappoints. There are a few important considerations to take into account when shopping for dining room sets regarding style, comfort, and utility.

Dining Set Utility

You want to get a dining set that will fit your needs, which involves some critical considerations. How many people will be using the dining set? Will the dining set be the permanent place to eat in the home? Do you prefer chairs, stools, or benches? Take all of these into account when looking for a dining room set. If the dining set is going to be a permanent place to eat in the home, then perhaps you want a larger table to be able to accommodate guests. This is because of both the space and because it will allow for more ease of use. Also, consider how many people will typically be using the dining set, as this will determine how many chairs and how much space you need. There is no sense in getting a long banquet table with 12 seats if you’re only going to be seating two to four people. Also, take into consideration whether you prefer stools, benches, or chairs. Perhaps stools are uncomfortable for you, and that leaves the other two options. Maybe you also have a preference for personal space, so you select chairs over benches. Whatever you end up choosing, these are essential things to consider when looking for a dining set.

Bar vs. Table

You’ll also want to consider whether you want a bar or table-style dining set. A bar is perfect if you do not need much space to use and will be mainly hosting casual functions. However, if you expect a lot of guests or to host formal events, then you ought to go with the table. If you select a table, it will require more space to situate than a bar-style dining set, but it will also generally seat more people and be better suited to full meals rather than drinks because of the space constraints of a bar-style dining set. Bar-style dining sets, however, are great for serving drinks and particularly if they are not the permanent eating location in the home. If the dining set is simply extra and not the main dining space, then having a bar-style accommodation can be an excellent choice for serving drinks and appetizers.

Dining Set Comfort

Comfort is a critical element in deciding what sort of dining set you want. Choosing a dining room set that is the optimal height for you to eat at comfortably, as well as optimally comfortable seating, is of vital importance. We recommend that you sit at each dining set you are considering to evaluate these factors, as you don’t want to make a bad purchase by mistake. Consider the amount of cushioning, or lack thereof, on the seats you are considering. Also, take into account the general comfort of sitting at the table/bar and eating, as this is the ultimate purpose of the dining set. Once you’ve decided that the dining set is ideally comfortable for you, move on to the next consideration: color.

Picking A Color For Your Dining Set

Choosing a color for your dining room set is an essentially aesthetic choice. You are picking what dining room furniture will look good in your home. Consequently, you should match the color to the dominant colors of the room in which the dining set will reside. For example, if the room the dining set is going to be in is mainly composed of neutral colors, then you can decide whether you want the dining set to be similarly neutral or if you want it to introduce a splash of color. Bold whites and blacks are particularly ubiquitous when it comes to dining sets, as these colors go with almost anything. Consider if either of these typical colors will suit your needs. There is also the simple wood grain look, which looks best with neutral-colored furniture and white or neutral walls. You can use the wood grain of the dining set as a way to incorporate texture into the decorating scheme of the room at large. Whatever color dining furniture you choose, be sure to coordinate it with the rest of the furniture in the room as well as the color of the walls, as this will really elevate the atmosphere of the space as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dining Sets

We will cover some of the most commonly asked questions about dining sets and dining set selection for the home.

What If I Like Stools, but I Prefer a Table to a Bar?

If you prefer stool-style seating but also prefer dining room tables to bars, don’t fret! There is a perfect middle ground in dining sets for you in the form of Slumberland’s “counter” style dining table sets. These are dining sets that use barstool-like dining chairs but feature a raised table-style surface instead of just a bar. They are the best of both worlds in many ways, as they can be used as a table but feature bar-style dining chairs.

What Size Dining Set Do I Really Need?

This depends on how many guests you typically entertain. Now, we know what you are thinking. “There are typically only two of us, but we might have guests over.” In this case, it is best to prepare with the “Plus four” rule. This rule stipulates preparing for your typical seating capacity plus four seats. So if there are typically only two of you, according to this rule, you should have six seats available just in case of guests. This is an easy way to prepare for the possibility of more than typical seating while also accounting for having a small space available.

Slumberland Furniture

At Slumberland Furniture, we have all the dining room sets you will ever need. Come take a look at our gorgeous dining sets to find one that is right for you!