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Your dining room table is so much more than a flat surface to eat on. The right table creates a welcoming, functional space you’ll love to gather in with friends and family alike – and Slumberland Furniture has the right table for you. Whether your dining room needs a sophisticated look to host several people, or your kitchen calls for a classically comforting bistro table for two, we have the styles you love for less.


A large piece of furniture, your dining table says a lot about your style. Slumberland’s dining and kitchen tables come in a range of materials to suit any space or décor.

Choose a modern glass table to make a dining room feel airy and open or to match a futuristically chic space. Wood tables are robust and durable. Check out distressed, rustic wooden tables for a cottage or farmhouse vibe, or go timeless with a wood table featuring stately engravings or curved legs. Metal, on the other hand, is heavy and bold. Metal tables often have angular finishes perfect for industrial-style dining rooms. Perhaps you're searching for a pedestal table or a midcentury piece. We have those, too, and so much more.


Utility is just as important as style when it comes to tables. Maybe a rectangular table is the missing piece of your entertainment space. Tried and true, this shape offers heaps of room for you, your family, and your guests.

What about adding a round table to your breakfast nook or intimate dining room? The circular shape makes efficient use of restricted space and can offer a nice organic contrast to sharp architectural lines.

Expecting company? We have a variety of counter height and café tables perfect for creating extra kitchen seating. Those who host frequent, large gatherings should consider tables with drop leaves and extensions to add all the additional seating you need.


When shopping for a kitchen or dining room table, the size of your table is as important as its style. Even if you have an open concept, multi-use dining space, you may find that if your dining room table is the wrong size, it will create an unbalanced look in the space. The size of your dining room and many people you need to seat will play a role in the size of your dining room furniture or kitchen table. If you have an open-concept layout, measure the space you utilize as a dining room and use that as your guide.

In order for the space to feel balanced, the size of your dining room or kitchen tables should be proportional to the size of the area where it will reside. You’ll need enough room to pull a chair out without bumping into the wall or other pieces of furniture in the room. You’ll also want plenty of space for guests to move around.

Before you head out to the Slumberland location near you, be sure to measure your space. Take those measurements with you when you start shopping for dining room or kitchen tables. Also, keep the following measurements in mind:

  • You’ll need about 36” from the wall to the table.
  • The perfect clearance between the table and walls is 42-48”.
  • There should be approximately 48” between the table and the doorway or entryway.

When deciding on the size of your table, keep the following in mind:

  • You’ll need approximately 24” of width for each seated person.
  • Take into consideration your place settings, serving pieces, centerpieces, and other décor when deciding on the width of the table.
  • The actual measurements of the table you choose may be slightly different but shouldn’t be too far off.

In general, a square or round dining table works better in smaller spaces, while rectangular and oval tables work better in larger spaces.

If you are looking for a kitchen table for the breakfast nook, a counter height or bar height may also be an option. These tables offer your family an informal dining area for breakfast, lunch, or quick snacks.


Like other pieces of furniture, dining room and kitchen tables are made of many different materials, from wood to metal, and feature decorative touches such as a glass tabletop and live edges. Each material has practical considerations as well as the aesthetic impact that needs to be considered.

Choosing the right material for your table is a matter of balancing aesthetics and looks with practical suitability. Consider any existing pieces. Selecting a table that blends with your current décor creates a relaxed dining setting. On the other hand, mixed pieces express a vibrant, eclectic style. There’s no wrong decision, choose what you like to decorate your dining room space.

Come to Slumberland Furniture and the perfect dining table or kitchen table you’ll love at the right price. We’ve got a wide selection of tables in all shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your home and your lifestyle, as well as dining chairs and counter stools to complete the look. Speak with one of our friendly salespeople who will be happy to help you find the perfect table for your space.