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Indoor lamps and lighting add beauty and functionality to your home. It enhances your home's aesthetic appeal and ambiance with warm, glowing illumination. Lamps and lighting create a comfortable environment and add enhance your interior décor style. Light is the element that makes a room feel special and transforms it into a visually dynamic space.

At Slumberland, we have a wide selection of floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, and lamp sets to light up your home perfectly.


Lighting plays a dramatic role in interior design. How you plan to use the space and the feel and mood you want to create should be considered when thinking about the lighting you choose for your home.

Modern living rooms aren't complete without the warm glow of a stylish table lamp. At Slumberland, you'll find table lamps in a range of designs and styles. From traditional to futuristic to whimsical, our lamps provide elegant appeal and warm ambiance to wherever they are placed. Whether you are looking for a large table lamp for your living room or a smaller one for the bedroom, there are plenty to choose from.

Shopping for a floor lamp to provide ambient lighting for your bedroom or living room? Check out lantern-style floor lamps that give your living room a farmhouse vibe, or go for an industrial look with an iron lamp featuring a bronze finish and drum-shaped lamp shade. Or make a statement with a three-armed bronze beauty that lets you direct the light exactly where you need it.

Long used for task lighting, pendants have become an increasingly popular replacement for chandeliers in dining rooms, over kitchen islands, entryways, and foyers, and even as lighting for bedrooms. These sleek and modern lamps can bring a playful feel to bedrooms and a minimalist look to a dining room.


What kind of lighting do you need in your home? Accent light? Ambient? Task? All three Layered? Each room will have a different lighting need, and some will need more than one. Using all three types will give your home a warm, welcoming feel.

Ambient lighting – this lighting brightens and enhances the glow of a room. This type of lighting illuminates the entire room, so a ceiling light, such as a pendant light is an excellent choice for ambient lighting.

Accent lighting – this lighting highlights a home's architectural features and other focal points, such as wall décor. An accent lamp can also make a room seem larger, and table lamps are a beautiful source of accent lighting.

Task lighting – this lighting offers illumination in specific areas, generally where a brighter light is needed to see. Workspaces in the kitchen, next to a chair for reading, or on the desk in a home office are all places where you need task lighting. Floor, table, and desk lamps can provide task lighting.

Ambient and accent lighting enhance the look and feel of a space and are used to embellish the décor of your home. In contrast, task lighting is more practical, offering extra brightness where needed. Ambient, accent, and task lighting layered together add to the beauty of your interior design.


Lighting is an essential element in interior décor and should never be overlooked. The lighting you incorporate into your home influences the mood of the space and impacts people's perception of it. It also helps add a sense of style, elegance, and sophistication to every room in your home.

Stop into the Slumberland location near you and check out our entire lighting collection and wall décor for sale. We have lots of lamps of varying types and styles. With such a wide variety of lighting options in stock, you're sure to find your favorite style. Our expert salespeople will be happy to help you find the best lighting for every room in your house. Get a beautiful lamp for your home today.