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Western innovation and modern technology led to the creation of the sleeper sofa. Couch by day, bed by night; sleeper sofas are perfect for overnight guests and practical for residents who need the extra seating.

Over time, these multi-use space savers have only gotten easier to use. Slumberland Furniture carries all of today's top-rated sleeper sofa selections. Skip the air mattress and make your guests feel right at home in a cozy bed of their own.

The sleeper sofa has come a long way since the clumsy set-up and thin mattress you might remember from ages past. Sleep sofas used to bring up memories of uncomfortable hotel stays and childhood sleepovers at the grandparents' home and waking up with an achy-breaky feeling back. Those days are gone.

Modern sleeper sofas offer comfortable and stylish options for seating and sleeping. Today's designs come together in minutes with plush mattresses, quality upholstery, and comfy cushions that provide total relaxation. They're great for everything from cozy nights in to entertaining and hosting guests. As the original multiple-use furniture, sleeper sofas have come into their own.

At Slumberland, we carry sleeper sofas with style. Whether you are looking for a comfortable sleeper that has the option to recline for lounging in the living room, you'll find something just right for your home.

A sleeper sofa from Slumberland Furniture is a modular piece of furniture that will not only beautify your home but also serve an important purpose. Imagine that you are hosting a family reunion, and everyone is driving to your home from out of town. The reunion goes wonderfully, but several of your relatives will be spending the night at your place before heading home the next day. Unfortunately, you only have one spare bedroom, so what do you do? You simply unfold your full sofa sleeper chair and put microfiber sheets and pillows on it, and your guests are perfectly accommodated. Sleepers allow you the convenient seating and good looks of a sofa while having the versatility of a bed. Sleepers have this supremely useful feature, which takes nothing away from the sofa itself but just adds a bed feature to it. You can add to the charm of your sleeper by placing pillows on the ends and setting it in front of a coffee table, and when you’re ready to use the bed feature, simply move the coffee table and unfold the furniture. Some futons even recline to provide even more enjoyment while other have the option of coming in memory foam mattress. Sleepers are a must-have for anyone who expects to have occasional guests, and either does not have a spare bedroom or expects more guests than their bedroom can accommodate.


Sleeper sofas come in a number of sizes and many formats, from sectional sleepers and chairs to ottoman pull-outs. Consider the space where you want to put your sofa, and remember the inner bed will be smaller than the width of the futon bed. These typically come in either full size or queen size.

This means that when deciding on how big a futon to purchase, it's essential to take into consideration that a sleeper soft generally seats more people than it can sleep. For example, two people can comfortably sit on a twin-size futon measuring around 30-39 inches wide, but only one will be able to sleep in it.

General sleeper bed sizes:

  • Ottoman mattress width ranges from 30" to 54"
  • Chair/Twin mattress width ranges from 30" to 39"
  • Full mattress width ranges from 52" to 55"
  • Queen size mattress width ranges from 58" to 66"
  • King size mattress width ranges from 74" to 76"
  • Sectionals mattress width ranges from 52" to 66"
  • Sectional with Chaise mattress width ranges from 52" to 66"

As you can see, there is a wide range in measurements for sleeper sofas, and the size often varies based on brand and style. Be sure to bring measurements of your space with you when hunting for a new sofa to ensure you get the right size for your living room, home office, or guest room.


Are sleeper sofas and sofa beds the same thing? Although these days we use sleeper sofa and sofa beds interchangeably, they have slightly different meanings. They both function as seating/sleeping hybrids, but the two names refer to different types of this functional furniture.

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa looks like a traditional couch and has a built-in mattress. It can range in size from twin to king. When folded out, the arms and back of the sofa work as the bed's headboard. Sofa beds are comfortable and convenient, easy to use, and come in a variety of styles. They take up just as much space as a sofa, and you may have to move a few pieces of furniture when you open them up.

Sofa Bed

Often confused with sleeper sofas, a sofa bed doesn't have an internal mattress. The back and sometimes the sides of the sofa fold down into a flat surface, in much the same way a futon does, and this surface becomes the mattress. Since they are more compact, sofa beds are a better option for smaller spaces. They quickly and easily shift from seating to sleeping to back to seating again.


No matter what you call it – sleeper sofa or sofa bed – you'll find exactly what you need at Slumberland. Whether it's the main component of your living room or a smaller seating area you use in a dual-purpose office/guest room, we carry the solution you need to coordinate with the design scheme of any room in your home. We also carry alternatives such as murphy beds, daybeds, and trundles.

Stop by the Slumberland location near you to check out the sleeper sofas, sofa beds, loveseats, and futons for sale. One of our expert salespeople will be happy to help you find the perfect sofa bed for your home. We offer a 10% discount on in-store purchases to veterans and active-duty military personnel 365 days of the year. You'll get the extra sleeping space you need to keep all your overnight visitors cozy and well-rested.

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