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Slumberland Furniture has a beautiful collection of living room sofas and couches at a price point you can feel satisfied with. Whether your home calls for a formal living room or is intended to be the room your family will literally “live in,” the couch you choose will undoubtedly be a focal point of the space.

Discover incredibly comfortable reclining sofas, on-trend couches with bold patterns, classic loveseats featuring tufts and fluffy cushions, and plenty of fun accents to pull it all together. We even have a sleeper sofa selection for unexpected guests and sectional sofa pieces with plenty of seating for large family gatherings. And don’t forget to check out our coffee tables for sale.

You can trust Slumberland to give you the quality couches you love for less.


The sofa is the anchor piece of every living and family room, so choose wisely. Are you searching for a unique sofa to draw attention to your sitting room? Choose a timelessly chic piece with antique curves or sleek wooden legs.

Need a couch comfortable enough to withstand an hours-long binge of your favorite show? Get one with features such as advanced reclining technology, plush materials (e.g., microfiber, faux leather, or polyester), and super soft cushions. Or create the mid-century modern showcase of your dreams with floating pieces, geometric fabrics, minimalist leather sofas, and clean lines.

With our wide range of sofas and couches, you have plenty of options to transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted.


At Slumberland Furniture, we aim to provide only the finest in home furnishings. Couches and sofas are more than just pieces of furniture; they are essential components that enhance the ambiance of your living space, providing a cozy spot to unwind, relax, and entertain guests. With many options available, choosing the perfect couch or sofa for your home can be daunting. Considerations such as style, size, design, and material all play a crucial role in finding the ideal fit for your space.

When selecting the right couch or sofa, the size of your room should be the first factor to consider. Measuring the dimensions, including ceiling height, ensures a proper fit that complements your space without overwhelming it. Finding the right size is key to creating a balanced and harmonious living environment. Once you've decided what size couch or sofa is appropriate for your space, you can move on to stylistic considerations. You can also explore our exclusive sofa clearance section for unbeatable deals and discounts on a wide range of stylish and comfortable sofas.

Style and design are equally important considerations. Do you prefer a sleek, modern look or a timeless, classic vibe? Are you drawn to a spacious sectional sofa or a simple standard sofa? Do you need a sleeper sofa for accommodating guests? Reflecting on these questions helps you pinpoint the style that aligns with your home decor, making a statement that reflects your personality and taste.

Next, you should consider what color couch or sofa will look best in your space. Choosing the perfect color for your couch or sofa is a pivotal aspect of interior design that can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and mood of your living space. It's important to consider various factors when making this decision. First and foremost, take into account your existing decor, including the colors and patterns of your walls, rugs, and curtains. Opt for a couch or sofa color that harmonizes with or contrasts beautifully with the colors in your room.

For instance, if your walls boast neutral tones, a bold and vibrant-colored couch or sofa can create a captivating focal point. On the other hand, if your walls are already vibrant, a neutral-colored couch or sofa can provide balance and instill a calming effect. Moreover, the combination of a striking base color with a serene, more neutral background color can create the perfect balance of color to layer your room together cohesively.

Now that you've considered color and style, you should turn your gaze toward selecting an appropriately sized couch or sofa. If you're also searching for a futon, look no further! Explore our wide range of futons to find the perfect addition to your living space. If you desperately need a large amount of seating space, then perhaps an expansive sectional sofa is right for you. If your space needs are more conservative, you may opt for a more reserved standard sofa. Whichever you choose, always be certain to precisely measure the dimensions of your couch or sofa and mark up the space it would occupy in your chosen room with tape in order to properly place the piece of furniture within the room.

Slumberland Furniture offers unparalleled variety and quality in terms of couches and sofas, so be certain to check them out today! Discover our web exclusive deals on sofas, featuring special offers and exclusive discounts that are only available online. Upgrade your living space with high-quality sofas at exceptional prices.


As with any piece of furniture, choosing one that goes with your style is key. And with all the different types of sofas and couches available at Slumberland, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choices. Our friendly salespeople will be happy to show you around and help make sure you find the best sofa for your home and lifestyle.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Clean lines, gentle organic curves, and the use of different materials are just some of the reasons mid-century modern sofas and couches are enduringly popular. This timeless style appeals to homeowners who prefer minimalist and eclectic looks.

Traditional Style

If you like comfort, harmony, and order in a space where everything matches and nothing jars the senses, then traditional style is for you. A traditional style sofa or couch will welcome family and friends with warmth and familiarity.

Transitional Style

The sweet spot between contemporary and traditional, the transitional style adds versatility to your living or family room design. It merges the bold colors and clean lines of modern style with the ornate details and rich fabrics and elements of traditional style. Because it can be dressed up or toned down, a transitional sofa will last through several design changes in your home.


Although it shares some elements with mid-century modern, contemporary style is a distinct aesthetic. It is classic yet of the moment, and the light-handed application of decorative details gives it a timelessness that will never feel dated.

Vintage Style

Vintage style refers to sofas and couches that take inspiration from antique pieces. You’ll see plenty of details such as tufting, rolled arms, and cabriole legs. Vintage upholstery includes fabrics such as velvets, leather, and rich, saturated colors.

Eclectic Style

If you like furniture pieces that are different styles yet seem to go together, then an eclectic sofa or couch will fit right into your home. Eclectic style includes a variety of styles and periods connected by texture, finish, shape, or color.


The words “sofa” and “couch” generally refer to the same type of furniture, but they actually differ in construction, size, and style. And although these names are used interchangeably, and most people won’t mind if you call their sofa a couch and vice versa, knowing the difference can be helpful when choosing furniture for your home.

Sofas are larger and can seat four people, while a couch is smaller and can seat two or three people comfortably. Traditional sofas tend to be considered more formal and couches more informal. The word sofa is often used to describe a more structured piece of furniture, while the word couch refers to comfortable, casual seating. Traditionally, a couch had no arms and was often used for napping, but you’ll find plenty of couches with arms these days. And you’ll find plenty of people napping on a sofa.


At Slumberland Furniture, we have a huge variety of couches and sofas available at all times for purchase. Choose from the finest in-home décor and get a sofa or couch that will fit in with just about any sort of interior design style. Whether you are looking for a loveseat or a sectional, choose from a wide assortment of top brands, such as La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture, and Southern Motion. Before you get your ideal couch or sofa, you’ll have to decide on a material. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of the various sofa materials we offer below.


This is an excellent material for a sofa or couch. It is generally the most commonly used material, and it is decently durable and long-lasting. However, fabric stains rather easily, but it has the benefit of also being very easy to clean. Simply use detergent or whatever household cleaner you would use on clothes. Fabric also has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive.

Faux Leather

Another option is faux leather, which has the benefit of the great look of authentic leather while being a cheaper option than the real thing. Additionally, it is a cruelty-free product, and it is very durable. It does not stain easily. However, it requires special cleaners in order to maintain it in pristine condition.


Nothing comes close to the look and feel of genuine leather. It is a luxurious material, which while high in price, is extremely durable and long-lasting. Leather is also very difficult to stain and will retain its gleam for a long time. The only practical shortcoming to genuine leather is the need for specialized cleaners to maintain it as well as the difficulty in cleaning stains if one does occur.


This material is wonderful for those looking for exceptionally soft and comfortable furniture. Microfiber has the benefit of being relatively durable and cost-effective while extremely soft and pleasant to sit on. Unfortunately, microfiber is also extremely absorbent, so it stains easily. However, these stains can be gotten out with conventional cleaners, much like fabric.


A classic material that is also more durable than fabric, vinyl is a great choice for your sofa or couch. It is relatively easy to clean using ordinary cleaners, and it is very middle of the road in most of the other qualities we have been examining. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive, and it is fairly long-lasting.


You want a sofa you and your family can enjoy for years to come, but you also want to stay on budget. Enter: Slumberland Furniture. Every piece we offer is carefully chosen to reflect your personal style and needs without ever having to compromise on value. We carry the brands you love, including Southern Motion, La-Z-Boy, Franklin, Dimensions by England, and Ashley Furniture couches.

Whether you’re entertaining guests in a chic space or enjoying a quiet evening cuddled up with the family, make a good investment in your home with sofas and couches from Slumberland Furniture. We also have loveseats, futons, power reclining sofas, and so much more from top furniture and mattress brands.