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If you want a great night’s sleep, a premium mattress is key, but the right bed frame and foundation is a big part of the equation. At Slumberland, we carry a large variety of bed frames and foundations from many of the industry’s top manufacturers. From twin mattresses to extra-large California kings, you’ll find a well-made frame and foundation for every size mattress in this collection.

In addition to classic, fixed bed frames, Slumberland also carries a wide array of adjustable frames. Adjustable frames are popular with people who like to read, snack, or watch TV in bed, as well as people dealing with injuries or health issues. Paired with the right mattress, these adjustable bases provide just as much support as standard frames, redistribute your weight, and help to alleviate chronic pain while allowing you to recline in various programmable positions.

Selecting the Perfect Mattress & Base

Once you’ve selected a mattress that offers the right amount of back support, softness, and comfort level, the next step is to choose the best base to go with it. Your mattress supports you, so what you choose to support your mattress is just as important.

If you use an old foundation or base for your new mattress, you risk voiding the warranty. In addition, the mattress’s overall comfort level and lifespan are reduced. For these reasons, we recommend purchasing a new mattress base to go with your new mattress. Choosing an adjustable base for your new mattress can elevate your sleeping experience.

Benefits of an Adjustable Mattress Base

An adjustable base not only supports your mattress and extends its lifespan; it also gives you the option to change the position of the mattress to be more in line with your sleep position. Using convenient wireless remote controls, you can raise your feet or the head, or both to find your favorite positions to achieve maximum comfort and restful sleep. Many people use these bases to make watching movies or reading in bed more comfortable, improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body, and more.

Benefits of Adjustable Bases

Reduces Back Pain – With an adjustable bed base, you can take pressure off the sciatic nerve for pain relief by raising your legs or relieve compression on the lower back by raising the head. You can configure the base into a comfortable position that offers enhanced comfort and keeps you from tossing and turning as you sleep.

Reduces Snoring – Lying in a flat position puts extra weight on your windpipe and can cause snoring. Raising the head reduces the weight on the windpipe and is an effective anti-snore position.

Improves Independence – whether due to age, injury, or disability, if you struggle to get out of bed, an adjustable base can make it easier. By lifting the head of the bed, you won’t have to work to lift yourself into a sitting position.

Improves Digestion – Lying flat can slow down digestion, an adjustable mattress base lets you sleep at an angle, a position that can improve digestion.

Reduces Insomnia – An adjustable base can help you get into and remain in a comfortable sleeping position, giving you a better sleep experience.

Just like with mattresses, there is a huge variety of adjustable mattress bases to choose from, and nearly unlimited ergonomic positions to offer personalized comfort and support as well as reduce health issues. Some include extra features, such as wireless remotes, USB ports, lumbar support bars, or a zero-gravity preset position that take the pressure off your body so that you feel like you are floating in space. You can even get an adjustable base with additional extra features like a sleep tracker that responds to snoring and tracks sleep time and two-zone massage. It’s all about controlling your sleeping environment for comfort and improved quality of life.

Bed Frames for Sale at Slumberland

At Slumberland, we focus on matching our customers with the mattress and base that will give them their best night’s sleep. Visit the Slumberland location near you and speak with one of our sleep experts to find a Sleep Solution tailored to your specifications. They'll show you our bed frames for sale and help you find the one that is just right. Get ready to find your new perfect position for the ultimate restful sleep.

A family-run business since 1967, Slumberland is proud to provide the greater Midwest with high-quality mattresses, beds, and an impressive assortment of other home furniture. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your sleep experience, redo your living room, or just want to purchase a comfortable bed for the guest room, Slumberland has the look you love for less.