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    Sealy Ease 4 Queen Adjustable Base
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    purple premium smart base
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  • Sale Price$1,899.98 - $3,399.98 Original Price $1,899.98 - $3,799.98
    Memorial Sale - $400 Off Select Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bases
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    Remedy Queen Power Base
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    Clarity Split California King Power Base Set
    Sale Price$1,599.00

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  • Sale Price$2,399.98 - $4,399.98 Original Price $2,399.98 - $4,799.98
    Memorial Sale - $400 Off Select Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bases
    Memorial Sale - $200 Off Select Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bases
  • Sale Price$1,599.98 - $2,799.98 Original Price $1,599.98 - $2,999.98
    Memorial Sale - $200 Off Select Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bases
    Memorial Sale - $100 Off Select Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bases
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    Purple Premium Plus Queen Smart Base
    Sale Price$1,295.00 - $2,295.00 Original Price 1595 - 2595
  • Sale Price$1,399.99 - $2,399.99

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A premium mattress is critical for quality sleep. However, having the perfect bed frame and foundation is almost equally as important. When you shop Slumberland, you will find a wide selection of adjustable bed frames — king, queen, and more as well as foundations by top brands. We carry everything from twin mattresses to extra-large California king mattress bases. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to find a quality frame and foundation for mattresses of all sizes.

Whether you choose a foundation, frame, or platform, what supports your mattress is important. It offers extra support for your mattress and extends its lifespan. We recommend replacing your foundation, frame, or platform when you replace your mattress. In most cases, having the right mattress and bed base is required to ensure the warranty is valid.

Choosing the proper mattress foundation for your bed can have an enormous effect on both its comfort level and how long it lasts. It's essential to support both your bedding and your sleeping comfort when choosing one. Now that you're ready for a new mattress let us help you find the right one by guiding you through the process of selecting the best foundation or mattress base for your needs.

A mattress foundation or bed frame supports your mattress as it supports you. Box springs are the most well-known types, but there are many other types, such as platform beds or adjustable frames. Which is best for your needs depends on the kind of mattress you have and your sleeping preference — side, back, or stomach.


Bed frames are important to the style of your bedroom décor, but they are even more critical for the support of your mattress and foundation. Not every mattress requires a bed frame, as anyone who has ever purchased a bed that didn't need one will tell you. Before you settle on a bed frame, make sure your furniture choices, mattress, and foundation are compatible with it.

Slumberland carries a wide selection of standard metal frames, modern mattress platform bases, and more. Rollaway and trundle frames are ideal for hosting visitors.


Traditional box springs, also commonly called "foundations," provide additional support between your mattress and frame. Foundations help to distribute your weight evenly and improve airflow around your bed to help your mattress last longer, keep you from overheating while you sleep, and prevent the buildup of mold and dust. Mattress foundations are available in low profile models and standard measurements, depending on how high or low you wish your mattress to sit.


In addition to classic, fixed bed frames, Slumberland also carries a selection of adjustable frames. Adjustable frames are popular with people who like to read, snack, or watch TV in bed, as well as people dealing with injuries or health issues. Paired with the right mattress, these adjustable bed bases provide just as much support as standard frames, redistribute your weight, and help to alleviate pain while allowing you to recline in various positions.

Benefits of adjustable bed frames include:

Reduces back pain – keeps spine aligned and relieves pressure.

Breathe easier – elevates the top half of your body so you can breathe and sleep comfortably.

Reduces heartburn – sleeping at even a slight include can help relieve heartburn.

Improve digestion – keeps your upper body elevated to help your digestive tract run smoothly.

Improve circulation – keeps your legs elevated and improve circulation.


Adjusting to a new mattress and foundation takes time. That's why we offer a 365-Night Comfort Guarantee on all of our mattresses (with a mattress protector). Mattresses have a break-in period, just like a new pair of shoes, so we give you the time you need to make sure your mattress offers the support and comfort level you need.

Visiting a showroom is still an important part of the mattress buying process. When you come into Slumberland, one of our sleep experts will help you find the best mattress and foundation combination for your specific needs. You'll know everything you need to know about a mattress and foundation before you purchase it.

Once you've chosen your perfect mattress, you can pick it up in-store at no charge. Or you can choose one of our delivery options. We offer No-Contact Doorstep Shipping free in local delivery zones. Your mattress will be delivered on your doorstep, in your garage, or at a loading dock per your request. If you prefer, you can choose Full-Service Delivery for a fee. Available in almost all delivery zones, our professional delivery drivers will place your mattress wherever you wish. It will be unpacked and inspected. The packaging material will be removed and disposed of, and mattress disposal is available for a fee. Ask your local store about the details of their delivery options.

A family-run business since 1967, Slumberland is proud to provide the greater Midwest with high-quality mattresses, beds, and an impressive assortment of other home furniture. Whether you're looking to upgrade your sleep experience, redo your living room, or just want to purchase a comfortable bed for the guest room, Slumberland has a look you love for less.