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At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, a queen mattress is a great choice for couples with limited bedroom space or a single person that likes to spread out. These average-sized beds are the most popular size as they balance sleeping space and room design, offering enough space for a good night’s sleep but not taking up too much floor space in the bedroom.

If you’re looking for a new queen-size mattress, you won’t find a better selection than at Slumberland Furniture. Our collection features mattresses that can be complemented by standard foundation/box springs as add-ons, making it easy for you to find a mattress you’ll love. We also offer platform beds that don't need a foundation.

Introducing Rest Match from Slumberland

Choosing a mattress can be quite the process, and since you’ll be sleeping on it for years, you want to make the right choice. We don’t look at it as choosing just a mattress, it is choosing to get restful sleep.

With Sleep Solutions, getting a perfect night’s sleep is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


First things first, decide what type of mattress you like. Everyone sleeps differently, and your perfect night’s sleep starts with the mattress that is right for you.

Innerspring Mattress – support structure uses coils (also called innersprings) that are designed to push back, which holds your body up while you are sleeping.

Memory Foam Mattress – complete with pressure-relieving technology, memory foam mattresses feature a support structure formed by layers of dense and firm foams that react to your body, rather than pushing back against it.

Hybrid Mattress – with traditional innerspring support and pressure-relieving foam, the support structure of a hybrid mattress contains coils, like an innerspring mattress does, for full-body support.


Getting the right back support is key when choosing a mattress. Some people like softer mattresses, and some like firmer ones, the key is to get the combination of feel and support that offers you the best sleep.

  • Choose your back support level from 1-5 (5 offers the most support)
  • Choose your softness level from 1-5 (5 is the softest)
  • Choose your cooling (moderate or advanced)
  • Pressure relief (moderate or advanced)
  • Motion transfer (yes/no)


Complete the process with the perfect pillow, whether you like fiber, foam, down, or a down alternative. We’ve got pillows for the stomach, side, back, and combination sleepers to ensure maximum comfort. We've also got cool, breathable, soft-to-the-touch sheets to enhance your sleep.

Don't forget to purchase accessories for your new mattress: choose from duvets or covers, body pillows, weighted blankets, sleep masks, aromatherapy, and sleep trackers to put the finishing touches that make your perfect bed.

We’re so sure you’ll find the perfect mattress, we offer our Rest Assured guarantee: 120 nights to confirm your satisfaction and that you are getting the rest you crave.

Selecting the Proper Back Support

When looking for a new mattress, there are literally thousands of mattresses to choose from. Now that you’ve narrowed your decision down to a queen-size mattress and are considering the right comfort level, it’s also a good time to think about the right back support.

Comfort is paramount when considering a new queen mattress, and a big part of comfort is the back support and softness/firmness. Mattresses can run the gamut from super soft to super firm and anywhere in between. Finding the right firmness can be as simple as asking yourself whether you prefer a bed that is firm or soft.

Your sleeping style can determine the type of mattress that will best support your spine. Check out the sleeping styles below to see which mattress will give your spine the best support.

  • Back sleeper – Try a mattress with medium or higher back support to keep your spine comfortable all night long.
  • Side sleeper – Try a softer mattress with a slight give and medium support.
  • Stomach sleeper – Try a mattress with strong support or higher will help keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Combo sleeper – Try a mattress with medium support to help keep your spine balanced and in alignment.

In the end, the deciding factor will be how the mattress feels to you. Try out as many mattresses as you can before deciding on the firmness level you prefer.

Queen Mattress Bases, Foundation & Frames

Once you’ve chosen a queen-size mattress, it’s time to consider bases, foundations and frames. While getting the right mattress is critical, the right foundation and bed frame also plays a role.

Adjustable Bases – popular with those dealing with health issues or injuries, as well as people who like to read or watch TV in bed.

Foundations and box springs – offer additional support between the mattress and the frame.

Frames – critical for the support of your foundation and mattress.

Queen Size Mattresses for Sale Near You

If you are shopping for a queen-size mattress, be sure to stop at the Slumberland Furniture store near you to find the right mattress for your sleeping style. We also offer sheets and pillows made to fit a queen mattress perfectly. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep on a new mattress with new sheets and pillows to make the experience complete.