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All About Living Room Chairs

Unwind, entertain, or work in comfort and style with the perfect living room chair from Slumberland Furniture. We offer a wide variety of chairs to suit any need, from modern accent chairs to plush recliners. Find the right chair for your space and budget, all at unbeatable prices.

Our selection includes accent chairs, armchairs, chaises, lift chairs, recliners, and gliders by well-loved brands, including Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy, Lane Home Furnishings, and other top sellers. We answer frequently asked questions below to help you make a more confident decision.

What Are the Different Types/Styles of Living Room Chairs?


Living room chairs come in a variety of styles to suit your needs and décor. Here’s a breakdown of our popular types:

  • Accent chairs (also known as stationary chairs): Accent chairs are typically sold individually and are not designed to recline. These chairs are our broadest category and include swivel chairs, glider chairs, occasional chairs, and other styles. They provide additional seating and a touch of style to your living room. Accent chairs come in a wide range of upholstery materials, colors, and styles to complement any décor. They are typically the most affordable chair option, but they may not be ideal for those with mobility issues.
  • Swivel Chairs: Swivel chairs offer smooth 360-degree rotation, making it easy to face any direction in a room. They often have a modern look but may not provide the same level of back support as a stationary chair. Swivel chairs can be accent chairs or recliners.
  • Recliners: Recliners offer the ultimate in relaxation with their reclining backrest and extending footrests. They come in various styles from traditional to modern, and some even have added features like massage and heat. You have the option to get a manual or power recline chair, a rocking recliner chair, or a swivel recliner. Due to their added comfort and features, recliners often cost more than accent chairs. They also take up more space and can appear visually bulky.
  • Chaise Lounge: Chaise lounges are extended chairs designed for reclining. They essentially have a permanently extended footrest. They offer a comfortable place to stretch out and relax. Chaises often add a luxurious touch to your living room. However, they do offer significant floor space for a living room.
  • Lift Chairs: Lift chairs are equipped with a mechanism that helps you stand when you are sitting. This can be a helpful feature for people with mobility limitations. However, these chairs are typically the most expensive chairs on this list. Their style is more clinical than traditional living room chairs.
  • Alternative Seating: Living room chairs aren't the only type of seating you'll find at Slumberland. Virtually any room in the home can host extra places to sit if you have the room. Benches are another popular option. For a high kitchen counter or an actual bar, a bar stool is a versatile solution and can always be used as additional seating.

How Do I Choose the Right Chair for My Living Room?


Choosing the right living room chair goes beyond just looks. It's about finding a piece that complements your space, offers comfort, and suits your lifestyle. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Size: Before you fall in love with a chair, measure your available space in your living room. Factor in space for traffic flow. You don’t want a chair to block walkways or overwhelm a small room. Then, consider the size of your existing furniture. Chairs that are too high or wide can disrupt the visual balance.
  2. Material: Think about your lifestyle and who will use the chair. Common materials include fabric, microfiber, leather, and vinyl. Leather is durable and easy to clean, but might not be ideal for homes with pets. It can also feel hot in warm climates so we recommend you opt for breathable materials if your home is hot. Fabric chairs offer a wider variety of colors and textures but may require more frequent cleaning.
  3. Style: Living room chairs can either be a statement piece or blend with your existing décor. Consider your design style in your living room. Is it modern, traditional, minimalist, farmhouse, etc.? Choose a chair that compliments it. And, think long-term.
  4. Comfort: We highly recommend you try out the chairs you are considering before you buy them. You want a chair that you look forward to sitting in! Come in-store to your local Slumberland and sit in the chair for a while. Ensure it properly supports your back and arms. Consider the seat height, depth, and cushion firmness. Will you use this chair for occasional use or long hours? Do you need features that will enhance comfort and functionality?
  5. Budget: Lastly, before you make up your mind, consider your budget range for a new chair. Our living room chairs range from $200 to over $2,500. What are you willing to spend for the features you want? If you find a chair outside of your budget, are you willing to consider buying it now and paying over time with one of our financing options?

How Do I Decorate My Living Room with a Chair?


A well-chosen chair can elevate your living room. First, consider your chair placement. You can create a cozy conversation area by placing two chairs facing each other perfect for a cup of coffee with a friend. Or, you can put your chair near a window for a reading nook. Lastly, you could put your chair opposite a fireplace or sofa to create a foul point and visual balance. Next, consider the style of your room. You can choose to either match or contrast the existing décor of your living room. Think about what lighting, throw pillows, and area rugs you have. For design inspiration, check out our video on accent chairs or our video about three ways to decorate with chairs.

How Do I Care for a Living Room Chair?


Living room chairs are an investment. With proper care, they can last for years and even decades to come. Here are some essential living room chair care tips:

  • Vacuum your chair regularly, including cushions and crevices to remove dirt and dust.
  • Address spills and stains promptly to prevent them from setting in. Use a clean, damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution appropriate for the fabric type. Always check the care label on your chair for specific cleaning instructions. Test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Rotate or reposition your chair periodically if it is in the sun so it does not fade unevenly.
  • Avoid placing chairs too close to radiators, fireplaces, or vents so the material does not dry out.

Why Shop for Living Room Chairs at Slumberland?


Customers come to Slumberland for their furniture needs for several reasons. We offer unbeatable prices on top, trusted brands like La-Z-Boy, Ashley, and more. We also train our staff extensively to help make the shopping process in person straightforward. We offer many services as well:

  • Delivery Options: Besides free in-store pickup, we offer free no-contact delivery within our local delivery zones. This removes the need to consider how you’ll transport your newly purchased home. With our full-service delivery, we will even carry your chair to the room of your choosing and assemble it for you.
  • Special Financing Options: We don’t want your budget to be what stops you from purchasing the chair of your dreams. We offer different payment plans so you can buy now and pay later or pay over time.
  • Guarantees: We offer our Low Price Guarantee and Total Satisfaction Guarantee to help add confidence to your purchase. Our Low Price Guarantee states if you find the same living room chair for cheaper elsewhere, we will match the difference up to 30 days after purchase. The Total Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return your chair if you don’t like the look and feel once you bring it home for up to a set period.
  • Furniture Protection Plan: Lastly, we offer our 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan that will protect your chair against accidental damages like scratches, tears, and breaks.