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Explore answers to common questions about media storage and entertainment centers in our comprehensive FAQ section. From understanding the dimensions to finding the perfect solution for organizing your media collection, we're here to help you maximize your home entertainment experience.

What Height Should Your TV Be At?


When mounted on a stand or wall, your TV should be placed at your eye level when you are sitting. The middle of the TV should be at eye height to reduce neck strain. We carry both tall and short TV stands to accommodate any room.

What Is the Difference Between a TV Stand and a Wall Unit?


Wall units and entertainment centers are generally larger and offer more storage space. They often take up an entire wall.

Conversely, TV stands and consoles are smaller. They serve the main purpose of holding the TV instead of offering cabinets and drawers for storage.

We also offer fireplace TV stands to add warmth to a room.

How Do You Determine the Right Size TV Stand or Wall Unit for Your Television?


It is a three-step process to determine the right dimensions for your TV stand or entertainment center:

  1. Measure your TV by the diagonal length of the screen. Note the measurement in inches.
  2. Take the diagonal length of your TV and use that to determine the length of the TV stand or wall unit. For instance, if the diagonal length of your TV is 70”, the ideal length of your entertainment center should be about 70” as well.
  3. Pick a spot for your TV stand based on the room it will be placed in. Make sure there is enough room for seating, tables, and décor. Determine the maximum width that the TV stand can be while still allowing space to walk.

What Is the Best Media Storage for You?


The best TV stand/wall unit for your living room or home theater comes down to the style, size, and type of furniture you want. Every room is different, so consider each of these factors:

What material do you want?

  • The material type should match your home's overarching style. It's certainly okay to mix in something a little different, as long as it makes sense for the design.
  • Wood: As the most traditional furniture material, wood is also most commonly used in TV stand furniture construction. The most luxurious TV stands are made of wood, with rich surface tones and ornate detailing.
  • Metal: Metal stands are sturdy and lightweight and usually have a slimmer profile. Modern, contemporary, and minimalist TV stands are usually made out of metal.

What style are you going for?

  • Contemporary: Contemporary style is defined as whatever is popular now. The designs are new and fresh. They can be ornate or minimalist and made out of metal or wood.
  • Traditional: The traditional style is timeless, featuring rich wood tones, solid cabinetry, and a natural appearance.
  • Modern: Often confused with contemporary, modern style references shapes popular in the mid-20th century and is often called mid-century modern style. It features bold, minimalist lines and equally emphasizes function and form.
  • Rustic: A rustic-style TV stand will look simple and woodsy and evoke thoughts of a mountain cabin.
  • Industrial: The industrial style evokes images of the industrial age and uses wood and metal in its construction. You can use these TV stands as contrast in natural-toned rooms. They blend in with minimalist furniture pieces.

What size are you looking for?

  • Determine the dimensions. Measure the diagonal of your TV for the length and the available space in the room for the width.

How much storage do you need?

  • Wall Units/Entertainment Centers: A wall unit is precisely what it sounds like. They can span an entire wall and give you plenty of storage space as well as house your TV. Usually, you will find wall units with a combination of storage shelves, drawers, and doors so that you can display items and hide clutter.
  • TV Stands and Consoles: The console design features a large surface area and plenty of shelving. They may have open or closed shelving, are rectangular, and can be as tall as 48 inches. There are also corner consoles that fit into awkward spaces.
  • Fireplace TV Stands: Fireplace TV stands are on the smaller side as opposed to the larger wall units and entertainment centers. They feature less storage but plenty of space for a TV of any size. Additionally, they include an electric fireplace to keep the atmosphere inviting while staying safe for kids and pets.

What Are Slumberland's Unique Offers?


We understand purchasing media storage is a large investment. We offer a few services and guarantees to help make the process convenient and worry-free:

  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee: First, as our return policy, we offer our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like the look or feel of the media storage once you bring it home, you have a set period to return it for a refund.
  • Low Price Guarantee: We also offer our Low Price Guarantee so that we can offer you the lowest prices around. If you find a local competitor selling the same product for lower, you have up to 30 days after purchase to get a refund.
  • Furniture Protection Plan: With our 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan, you can rest assured knowing that accidental damages like scrapes, dents, and stains are covered. Help is always one call away. We want you to enjoy your furniture without worry.
  • Financing: We offer several generous financing options so that budget doesn't stop you from getting the perfect piece for your room. Buy now and pay over time.
  • Delivery Options: Lastly, we offer free no-contact delivery and free in-store pickup. For an added fee, we offer full-service delivery which includes inspection and assembly of your media storage and removal of any packaging materials.