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All About Mattress Bases and Frames

At Slumberland, we take good sleep seriously. Browse our extensive collection of mattress bases, frames, and foundations online, or visit your nearest store for expert guidance.

Bases, frames, and foundations are designed to maximize comfort, extend mattress life, and add a touch of style to your bedroom. Whether you seek sleek platform beds, personalizable adjustable bases, or sturdy foundations, we have the ideal solution for you.

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What is the Difference Between Adjustable Mattress Bases, Frames, & Foundations?

  • Adjustable Bases: These motorized bases allow you to adjust the head and foot of your mattress for personalized comfort. They are ideal for reading, watching TV, or alleviating certain sleep issues.
  • Foundations: These sturdy platforms provide even support for your mattress. They promote proper airflow and extend a mattress' lifespan. Some foundations offer additional storage space underneath.
  • Bed Frames: These decorative frames hold your mattress and box spring (if used) off the ground. They add style and potentially offer headboard and footboard attachment options.

How Do I Find the Best Mattress Foundation for My Bed?


The best foundation depends on your mattress type and desired features. Most innerspring and hybrid mattresses work well with standard platform foundations. When choosing, consider factors like size, weight capacity, and additional storage needs.

How Do I Find the Best Adjustable Mattress Base for My Bed?


Adjustable bases come in various sizes and offer different features like massage, head and foot incline options, and USB ports. Ensure your chosen base is compatible with your mattress type and weight capacity. Consider your budget and desired level of adjustability when making your selection.

How Do I Find the Best Bed Frame for My Bed?


Bed frames primarily offer aesthetic appeal and headboard/footboard compatibility. Choose a frame that complements your bedroom style and size requirements. Ensure the frame's weight capacity can support your mattress and foundation (if used).

Does Slumberland Offer a Warranty on Mattress Bases, Foundations, and Bed Frames?


Yes! We offer our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. All exchanged items must be in original condition to qualify for the guarantee. We reserve the right to inspect all merchandise before issuing credit. After you take possession, if you are unhappy with the size, shape, look, or fit, you have 30 days to change your mind.

We also offer a 5-Year Protection Plan. We want you to enjoy your purchase worry-free from stains, tears, or other damage.

What is Slumberland's Warranty Coverage for Foundations?


Product warranties vary by the manufacturer. We will help with service based on the terms and conditions of the warranty. Please refer to any manufacturer's warranty documentation, care instructions, and terms for details. Or contact Slumberland Customer Service.

What is Slumberland's Return Policy for Foundations and Box Springs?


We offer a full refund within the first five days of purchasing a product from Slumberland. After that, up to 30 days, a one-time reselect is available. Learn more on our guarantees page.

If you find the same product at a lower price, we also have our Price Match Guarantee. For up to 30 days after purchase, we will match the difference. Learn more on the guarantees page linked above.

What are the Shipping Options for Foundations and Bases?


We offer delivery options to simplify your shopping. You always have the option of in-store pickup at the Slumberland location near you. Inquire at the location near you for details about pickup.

Or choose from one of our two delivery options:

  • No-Contact Delivery: We offer FREE no-contact, doorstep delivery in local delivery areas. If you choose free shipping, we deliver your furniture per your instructions.
  • Full-Service Delivery: For a fee, our professional delivery drivers bring your furniture inside and set it up in the room of your choosing. They will unpack and assemble your item. Our delivery drivers will also get rid of the packaging materials.