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All About Chaises

A chaise lounge from Slumberland is a beautiful way to bring comfort and style into your home. Whether you’re looking for a modern statement piece or a subtle staple to provide additional seating, you’ll find what you are looking for in our collection of lounges. Have questions? Read on or ask one of our experts.

Our cozy chaise lounge chairs are from top, trusted brands Franklin and Ashley Furniture. They are the perfect way to update your living room or bedroom. You can also find a selection of chaise lounge sofas here.

Why Is It Called a Chaise Lounge?


Chaise Lounge comes from the French word ‘chaise longue,’ which translates to ‘long chair.’ English speakers in the late 18th century adopted the French word. They changed longue to lounge for easier pronunciation. Initially, chaises were a status symbol. Now, they have found their way into most homes as a statement piece and resting place. In the 20th century, they were often referred to as fainting couches.

What Are the Benefits of a Chaise Lounge?


Chaise lounges are the easiest way to add sophistication to your living room. Their entire design is focused on comfort and relaxation. They’ve maintained their original purpose while greatly evolving with different styles and materials throughout the years. You can envision sitting on one while browsing your laptop, reading to your children, or even napping with a pet. Perhaps you entertain and want additional seating space around the perimeter of the room. Regardless, the premise that it is separate from the couch allows one a sense of independence.

Benefits include:

  • Upgrading your furnishing presentation with a signature accent piece
  • Providing additional seating for guests or personal use
  • Giving a chic, modern, stylish feel to the room
  • Creating conversation over the iconic nature of the item

How Long and Wide Is a Chaise Lounge?


Our chaise lounges range from 33-71 inches in width and 31-70 inches in depth. Use the filters above to find the lounges that fit within the dimensions you are looking for.

Where Do You Place a Chaise Lounge?


It depends on where you want to use it! Consider traffic flow, sunlight, your room’s focal points, and the proportions of the chair with other furniture. Here are some suggestions:

For Relaxation:

  • Put your chaise in a living room near a window for natural light and a view or near a fireplace for a cozy feel.
  • Bedroom as a reading nook
  • Sunroom to soak up the sun

For Style and Seating Options

  • Living room for additional seating to your arrangement
  • Entryway as a comfortable spot to put on shoes
  • Master bedroom at the foot of the bed

How Do I Choose the Right Chaise for Me?


When considering any furniture in your home, you must ensure it will integrate effortlessly into your space. Luckily picking the right design and customizations with Slumberland is easy.

Size & Design

  • One thing to know about these long chairs is that they are extremely versatile in size and shape. Are you looking for a clean, monochromatic tone or a floral, vintage look? Slumberland offers a diverse range of color and material options fit for your home. You can go classical with the wood trim and curved accents, or contemporary with a more simplified square shape and base color scheme.

Texture & Material

  • These stand-alone chairs are often going to attract the eye when a visitor steps in. So, you want your chaise to be harmonious with the accompanying furniture in your room. But fear not, because Slumberland also features a wide range of fabrics that can match whichever décor your home calls for. Depending on the wear and tear you’re expecting your chaise to receive, you can get the right material for you.

Trim & Shape

  • Another key component when deciding which chaise lounge will best suit your home is the overall shape and trim. We certainly offer spacious, rectangular-shaped chaises with durable wood framing and solid arms that fit a more modern home. However, we also feature many curved options, with the varying design of the arms, legs, and backrests taking on a more flowing look.

The choices Slumberland presents are all original in their own way. However, there are some features you cannot compromise on these popular chairs. Tufted backs are a signature feature of chaises, which adds to the unique shape, comfort, and sitting posture. They also all have pronounced arms and feet that distinguish them from a recliner or couch.

What Are the Return and Warranty Policies for Chaise Lounges?


We offer a full refund within the first 5 days of purchasing a sofa from Slumberland. After that, up to 30 days, a one-time reselect is available. Learn more on our guarantees page.

Product warranties vary by the manufacturer. We will help get you service based on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty. Please refer to any manufacturer's documents about their warranty, care instructions, and terms of use for more details. Or contact Slumberland Customer Service.

Please, also check out our 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan to protect your sectional from any tears, scratches, or other damages for up to 5 years. And, visit our guarantees page to learn about our Price Match Guarantee. If you find the same sectional at a lower price up to 30 days after purchase, we will match the difference.

What Are the Delivery Options for Chaise Lounges?


Furniture can be hard to transport. We want to make it convenient. We offer three delivery options to get your chaise to your home:

  1. Free In-Store Pickup: You can pick up your chaise lounge at any Slumberland location near you.
  2. Free No-Contact Delivery: We offer free no-contact delivery in our local areas. We will deliver it to your doorstep, garage, or wherever else you instruct us.
  3. Full-Service Delivery: For a fee, our professional delivery drivers will bring your chaise lounge inside and set it up in the room of your choosing. They will also take any packing material with them when they are finished.