Bedroom D├ęcor Ideas

The bedroom demands serious décor. For children and teens, it represents their identity; for adults, it’s a place of serenity, away from the chaos of daily life. Unfortunately, the bedroom often gets overlooked as we concentrate on spaces more in the public view. Well, move over kitchen and living room. Here are five bedroom ideas.

Pick a Color

Pick a color, any color. To instantly calm a room, pick a single hue and vary the shades. We especially like cool shades that promote slumber such as blue, purple, and grey. Neutrals also work well. To add interest, incorporate patterns. The single color will ensure they stay orderly.

Add Pop

If cool colors and neutrals make you a bit too sleepy, feel free to add a pop of color on an accent wall. The wall behind your headboard works well both for dramatic effect and to ensure that you aren’t too stimulated prior to bedtime. You can also do up an accent wall in a pretty patterned or textured wallpaper.

White on White

If you change your décor style often (or have children and/or teens that do) keep the walls white and swap out curtains, sheets, and rugs. This way you can go from Coastal to mod to French country with minimal time and expense.

Keep the Peace

If you have kids that fight over a shared rooms’ style or if you and your spouse have dissimilar tastes, take heart. You can keep the peace and accommodate varying aesthetics. Just pick softer shades of everyone’s chosen colors. Softer hues—no matter what the color—will blend with ease.

Go Glam

Neutrals are an easy bet for the bedroom: they accommodate a variety of accent colors and styles, and they make for a restful slumber. But neutrals don’t have to be boring. Dress up a neutral bedroom with metallic accents (such as gilded picture frames, candles, accent pillows, and/or vases), a bold light fixture, and/or a dynamic rug. Remember: the bedroom deserves a little bling!