Conversational Living Room

In warm, livable rooms the conversational grouping is always the heart of the space. The best way to create an intimate gathering place is to pull the sofa and chairs off the walls, and let them anchor the center of the room. There are two basic forms for the conversational grouping. The H-form and the U-form. The H-form is useful for more square rooms. The two chairs sit across from the sofa with the coffee table in-between. The U-form is useful for more rectangular rooms. The two chairs sit on either end of the coffee table. And, When your gathering place is centralized, you have your walls for all kinds of interesting pieces, both beautiful and useful for storage. Build your room from the inside out. Create a place to gather that’s cozy, leaving your walls open to use in other interesting and functional ways.

Conversational Grouping Seating Options

So, you have a favorite chair, or maybe you are looking to get one soon? Good, because Slumberland Furniture has a wide variety of sofas, couches, loveseats, recliners, and accent chairs available for immediate purchase. We also have convenient decorating tips to help you make the most out of your space. With our help, you can make your favorite chair the crowning jewel of the heart of your room. Let's talk a little about the types of chairs Slumberland has available.

Sofas & Couches

Featuring a variety of the top brands in sofa manufacturing, such as La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture, Slumberland has everything you'll need in a couch or sofa for your home. This includes loveseats, sectionals, and more. What's more, Slumberland has sofas in a mix of various constructions, ranging from fabric to leather and faux leather to microfiber and vinyl. Which type of material you should choose depends on your individual needs, as they have various qualities that differentiate them. Fabric is an excellent material for a sofa, as it is reasonably durable, and it is extremely easy to clean with common household cleaners. Unfortunately, it is not quite as stain resistant as, say, leather. Faux leather, however, offers the great aesthetic of leather while being a cruelty-free product. Whatever your sofa needs, Slumberland has got you completely covered.


If you like to relax and recline at the end of a long day of work, this is the chair for you. Recliners allow you to recline your seat, as their name implies. Additionally, the massage function on many of our recliners allows you the best of relaxation and comfort at the end of the day. This type of seating is ideal for those with back pain, as the massage function can help with this and many of Slumberland's recliners have adjustable headrests, so you can optimize your seating position for your pain sensitivities. Many of our recliners also have a USB charging port, so you can keep your devices at a full charge while seated and relaxing. Our recliners are unobtrusive and can be placed directly against a wall so as to not disturb the rest of the room's décor, with the wall-hugging feature.

Accent Chairs

Slumberland has a wide assortment of accent chairs that will beautify your home available. You may be curious as to what an accent chair is, so we'll tell you. An accent chair component of home furnishing that by way of contrast creates a standout point in the room. An accent chair can serve as the room's visual focal point so to speak. They typically do this either by disparate décor style, such as being a rustic style chair in an otherwise minimalist decorated home, or by way of disparate color. The way this works is for example, in a coastal decorated home that consists mostly of ocean blues and greens, the accent chair you choose would be bright red to provide a point of contrast and naturally draw the eyes to it.

How to Make Your Favorite Chair the Heart of the Room

In order for something to be the "heart" of a room, it has to be a focal point in some way. This can be purely visual or by relative positioning. If you want your favorite chair to be the heart of the room visually, you'll need to make sure that the chair stands out in some way. This can be done through color palette selection, as with accent chairs in general, as a bright red chair will naturally draw eyes in a room mostly decorated in neutral taupes and tans. You can also make sure that your chair stands out by way of contrasting décor style. For example, if most of your living room is decorated in a minimalistic style, then a baroque leather armchair will necessarily stand out. Alternatively, you can position your favorite chair in the centerline of the room to make it the room's focus. You can use the rule of thirds to divide the room up and leave a third exclusively for your favorite chair, making it a focal point that way.

Slumberland Furniture

Come by your local Slumberland Furniture store for all your seating needs. We have a wide assortment of recliners, sofas and couches, accent chairs, and more available for immediate purchase.