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Welcome to "The ReArranger" - Season 3, Episode 3

We all recognize this style. It’s the “Hotel Room” look. Not particularly warm, or cozy or interesting. Be even if most people don’t see your bedroom, it should be the most comfortable, important room in your home. Make it your space. You can do it using your existing bedroom furniture, and just tweaking everything around it.

Here we go over how to transform a standard decorated “hotel” room into your own vibrant and unique space. Certain simple changes can transform a fairly standard-looking hotel-type room into your personal bedroom, complete with individual touches. First, we’ll start with the accouterments for the room. Adding an armchair to your bedroom is an easy way to add a bit of character and make it your unique space. Choose an armchair you like personally and locate it where you will often be sitting to maximize the personal touch of the armchair.

Another change you can implement in your bedroom is to add decorations on significant surfaces, such as flowers on the nightstand. The simple addition of flowers on the nightstand adds a pop of color and vibrancy to the space. It also sets it apart from the generic, transforming this “hotel” type room into a personal bedroom. Another change you can make to a generic room to make it fabulous is adding some color to the sheets and pillows on the bed. In the video, purple bed sheets and pillows are used. This burst of color enhances the appearance of the bed itself as well as adds a little bit of a personal touch to the room. You can even coordinate the color of your flower decorations to the color of the bed sheets and pillows!


There are many ways to transform generic rooms into extraordinary spaces. A lot of the appearance of a room has to do with the lighting, so adding a lamp to a space can miraculously affect it. Try placing a lamp in your room and see its effect on the space. You can coordinate the color of your sheets and pillows to the light, especially if you use soft light. You generally want to use soft light with colored sheets and pillows. Soft light can help balance out the colors and enhance them. You might actually want to use a tinted lamp instead of colored sheets and pillows if you don’t want to experiment with colors. A tinted lamp will provide a bit of color to the space without necessarily requiring the tone and shade to match that colored sheets and pillows would. A tinted light is a great option to control the overall tone of a room, and it requires considerably less work and commitment than picking out colored sheets and pillows.


Adding accessories is another great way to turn an impersonal space into a warm and inviting area. In the video, the accessory chosen was a vase of flowers. You can do something similar in your rooms and add fresh flowers for a pop of color and some visual diversity. You can also use accessories and decorations to make the space truly “you,” which makes slipping under the sheets onto your cozy king mattress that much more satisfying. For example, are you an engineer? Feel free to put a Newton’s Cradle on the table next to your armchair. It will look like a tremendous post-modern art style addition and provide a unique touch to the room, making it truly yours. Another accessory possibility is a small fan. A small fan has both an aesthetic and utilitarian purpose, as it can help cool down the room during the summer as well as provide a cool visual accent to the room itself. Add a fan to the small table next to your armchair for a convenient accent piece.

The Importance of Color

Adding color to a space, be it from colored sheets and pillows or from a tinted light, for example, is a critical part of making a generic room your own. Color illuminates a room and makes it unique, so it is an essential component of decorating. You want to incorporate color in such a way that the visual properties of the room do not clash but instead complement each other. For example, in the video, a neutral-colored chair, and a neutral-colored lamp are used, but the sheets and pillows are purple. The neutral color of the former is essential because it ensures that it will not clash with the purple of the sheets and pillows.


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