Clutter-Free Room Tips

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Season 4, Episode 3 "Very Important Pieces (V.I.P) - Clutter-Free Room"

When furniture can be both great looking and provide storage, it’s a win win. Gone are the days of ugly storage bins. These days you get the storage and a lot of style. Consoles are so great for showcasing, and storage. Vases, bowls, you name it. The items you love, and want to see. These days, storage furniture can be found all over the place. You can declutter and still have everything close at hand.

There are various ways you can store goods in order to prevent making a mess or having a cluttered room. Storage bins on a bookshelf or table are one way you can avoid clutter. Just stow your things in the bin for an excellent out-of-the-way method to keep goods safe and together but primarily out of sight. Another option is a console or cabinet. A console can be used to keep and display items, such as fine china, and keep them safe all the while. A see-through console can significantly benefit your household in terms of storage and aesthetic appeal.

Finally, there is dedicated storage furniture. These are tables and ottomans that open up to reveal space inside. These can be perfect vessels for stowing things and keeping your space clutter-free because they look like ordinary pieces of furniture. They just have a hidden compartment that allows you to store your things inside them. These pieces of furniture are incredibly versatile, and they help keep your space clutter-free. You can store your TV remotes right inside the TV coffee table, and maybe keep an extra blanket inside the ottoman in front of your sofa or sleeper sofa, in case you get cold. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: you won't miss the clutter.