Decorating with Chairs 3 Ways

Welcome to The ReArranger!!! Slumberland Furniture's Award-Winning Web Series! Season 4, Episode 1 "Very Important Pieces (V.I.P) - Chairs 3 Ways" The sofa is the main piece of furniture and gets a lot of attention. But there are other essential pieces in a room. Let's start with a simple, sleek sofa, and let the others pieces shine. We're going to take this 3 ways: Neutral, Color, and Pattern. Chairs aren't about just somewhere to sit. They complete a room and can add quite a punch.

Decorating in Different Styles

There are various ways to decorate a given room, including selecting from many different styles and types of furniture. Here we will go over choosing accent chairs that have three different looks: color, neutral, and pattern. We will look at a room decorated with these elements in mind, choose a chair, and observe the effect it has on the overall decór.


We're starting with brown neutral-colored chairs. The rich brown of the neutral chair is inviting and goes with the carpet and surroundings well. There is no real clash of colors here, and the neutral chair seems to take its place in the living room perfectly, in the video. The good thing about neutral-colored furniture is that it can fit into just about any type of decór, as it is meant to be visually unobtrusive. You can pair this brown neutral-colored chair with a similarly neutral-colored ottoman from Slumberland. Neutral furniture can help make your space warm and inviting, making it easy to pair accouterments with the furniture. Want to add a coffee table to your setup? How about a lovely artisanal lamp? All of that is compatible with a neutral-colored chair. Think of neutral-colored furniture as part of the canvas of your room. You can add things, but the neutral chair itself goes with just about anything.


Now, for example, take the orange-colored chair and look at it. Notice how pairing an orange-colored chair with a new desk light just opens up the room and creates space seemingly out of nowhere? This is the power of bold colors. Bold colors enhance, and intense lighting helps improve the space within a room and make it seem larger than it really is. This is perfect for someone with limited space or who just wants to make their living room look bigger to guests. A pop of color can really make your living room furniture stand out. Pair a colorful chair with a corresponding light source near it to help open up the space in your living room and create a warm and welcoming environment. Imagine the orange chairs in this example. The colors of the room are somewhat harder to match now than the neutral, but the look is worth it. The room now jumps out at you visually, which is the goal of many decorators.


The patterned chair is perhaps the most difficult to use decoratively. Don't fret, though. We'll show you how to blend patterned furniture into your space. Notice how when we add patterned chairs to the room, the whole space seems almost "demarcated," with both the table next to the chairs and the coffee table in front of them providing contrast to the strong patterns. This is the ultimate move if you want to draw attention to a particular piece of furniture or a particular area of the room. Once the pattern is introduced, the room slips into a pattern vs. no pattern divide, and the chairs with the pattern are visually highlighted. This is particularly useful if you have strong lighting in the room to highlight the pattern on the chairs, as highlighted pattern chairs can be an accent piece for the room easily.

How to Decorate With All Three Styles

While we wouldn't recommend trying to combine all three of these stylistic strategies in one room, choosing any one of these three styles can help illuminate and beautify your spaces incredibly. A simple neutral-colored chair placed adjacent to the coffee table can be an easy way to create a unified space out of your living room, particularly if the coffee table is a neutral color as well. Visually unified spaces create a certain openness to people in them and help make guests instantly more comfortable in your living space. However, if you want to opt for strong colors, then creating a visually stunning space is easy. Bold colors help highlight the attributes of a room and make it more striking. Decorate with bold colors if you want your living space to stand out and present strongly to guests. Finally, use patterned chairs if you want to section off certain portions of the room into patterned and non-patterned. There are plenty of reasons one might want to do this. Say, for example, you buy some extremely comfortable chairs in a pattern. The pattern will serve to draw attention to the chairs and cordon them off from the rest of the room. This creates a visually distinctive space for your enjoyment.


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