Creative Headboard Ideas

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Season 4, Episode 5

Unique headboards are a fantastic way to decorate a bedroom and make it your own without extensive furniture maneuvering and moving. A simple addition to your bed, the humble headboard can be made to reflect the innermost exhortations of your soul.

Indeed, headboards make a great statement in your bedroom, and there's so many beautiful ones to choose from out there. But - if you enjoy re-purposing things, or using things in un-expected ways, here are some very creative ideas on how to create a headboard, when you have no headboard.

Colored Headboards

Adding a headboard to your bed can be an effortless way to add a pop of color to your bedroom. In the video, a screen board and a rug are used as examples, but you can choose just about anything that will fit as a headboard on your bed. A burst of color behind your bed can really open up the space and provide a visual focus for people entering the room. Using the headboard as a visual focal point, combined with the lighting from a night lamp or something similar, is an excellent technique to enhance your bedroom area. A little bit of color, combined with soft light from a lamp, can transform the appearance of a room and expand an otherwise plain-looking space into a one-of-a-kind bedroom area. Try using a single-color rug as a headboard and see the way the color affects the room. Perhaps your bedsheets and accouterments are light-colored, so you want to add a light-colored headboard to go with them. Alternatively, you can add a dark-colored headboard to contrast with your lighter-colored sheets and pillows. A dark blue headboard can look brilliantly good with white sheets and pillows. Try out a solid-colored headboard for your bedroom area!

Patterned Headboards

Another option for your bedroom is a patterned headboard, such as the rug used as an example in the video. A patterned headboard can add a unique depth to your bedroom, and it can serve as a visual focal point without any help from the room's lighting. Patterned headboards work best with neutral-colored sheets and pillows. White is a good color for bed sheets and pillows to be paired with a patterned headboard. You can choose a simple pattern, like the rug in the video, which consists of just two colors, or you can pick a more complex pattern to decorate your bedroom. Patterned headboards serve as a more substantial optics than just solid ones. This results in a bedroom look that is heavily drawn towards the patterned appearance of the headboard. Be sure to pick an enhanced pattern rather than washed out by the room's lighting. Bright, harsh light will wash out a lighter-colored pattern. Conversely, you don't want weak, soft light on an intricate and detailed pattern that will fail to illuminate it properly. While patterned headboards are less dependent on the room's lighting than just colored ones, but you'll still need to configure it. A patterned headboard can help you manifest the bedroom of your dreams.

Utilitarian Headboards

Some headboards are designed to accomplish a specific purpose, such as the cork pin-up board headboard from the video. These headboards serve a specific utility beyond just their aesthetic purpose. A dry-erase headboard would have the same effect on a room but with a lighter color. You could use the corkboard or dry erase board to make lists, do work, or draw new artwork to constantly change your bedroom area! This also works as a fun headboard for a full or twin-size mattress and bed in a children's room. However, this type of headboard is the trickiest to place because it does not just depend on its physical appearance. It can be challenging to tonally match something like a corkboard to the rest of the room. An excellent approach is to carefully control the lighting and to control the type of light bulbs used in the room meticulously. For example, you could use tinted lightbulbs with a magnetic metal headboard. The tinted light bulb's color could be coordinated with the shade of the metal the magnetic headboard consists of to help it better fit into the overall room design. A blue or violet light will blend with the metal tones of the magnetic headboard. You also don't want harsh light to wash out the features of your headboard, as that defeats the purpose of having it, so choose soft, warm light to go with your utilitarian headboard. Whatever sort of headboard you choose, make sure it reflects the desired theme of the room, and you can't go wrong.


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