Slumberland Furniture's The ReArranger: Living Room Makeover

Season 1, Episode 5

Today, we are taking ReArranging to the next level!  We are ReArranging and doing a Makeover!  At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this room.  But look closer and you will find that the basics are here, but where are the interesting details?  So much potential just waiting to be discovered in this space.  We switched out the sofas for a softer contrast with the walls.  Then, we added a rug to ground the conversational grouping.  COLOR!!!  A chili red chair was just the thing to make this room pop!  Never forget that artwork adds dimension, and lamps can be interesting as well as functional.  The result is a room that invites as well as entertains. 

Slumberland.  It’s a Good Life.