Wrong Way, Right Way “Tchotchkes”

We all find ourselves with small mementos from trips, or given to us as gifts. Maybe we collect things like shells, or glass. We sometimes call these things Tchotchkes. Fun word. But not so fun when spread all over the place...which distracts from clean design.

Instead, group your collectables together. If you have a collection, display them together on a lovely tray. If you love shells, put them in a bowl and keep them somewhere folks can take the out and examine and enjoy their beauty. Remember, less is more.

And don’t be afraid to group unlike things together. Choose things that share color or texture or shape and see how much more power they have together, than apart.

Wrong way. All over the place. Right way. Organize and group in a way that gives more substance and interest to your collections and knick-knacks.

Slumberland.  It's a Good Life.