Great Room Design Ideas

Sofa with accent pillows. Text reads Design Rules: Scale and The ReArranger

The ReArranger: Design Rules: Scale

Scale in a room is all about how your decor relates to the space it’s in and how the pieces relate to each other.

Pair of leather chairs in a living room. Text reads Very Important Pieces (VIP) Chairs 3 Ways and The Rearranger

The ReArranger: V.I.P. Furniture: Chairs 3 Ways

Chairs aren't just somewhere to sit. They complete a room, and can add quite a punch.

Bolts of fabric

Fabric 101

Your five kids and two dogs (or vice versa) are no match for our ultimate guide to fabrics.

White Leather Sectional with ottoman

Leather 101

Get on leather's soft side with our guide to posh, plush leather products that are also priced right.

Brown Sofa

Faux Leather

Cost-effective, stylish, and durable, faux leather offers luxury for less.

Woman sitting in a living room. Text reads Entertaining: Extra Party Seating and The ReArranger

The ReArranger: Entertaining: Extra Party Seating

If you are having more than 4-6 people over in a smaller space, you may need some extra seating.

Woman standing behind a table. Text reads Entertaining: DIY Party Bar and The ReArranger.

The ReArranger: Entertaining: DIY Party Bar

If you're throwing a party but are worried about the space, you can find ways to repurpose your existing furniture to create a fun and functional bar.

Mirror with a patterned border hanging on a yellow wall.

How to Decorate With Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, make my room the most stylish of all.

The ReArranger: Living Room Makeover

Today, we are taking ReArranging to the next level... We are ReArranging and doing a Makeover!

Gray sofa with red and yellow accent pillows in a living room. Text reads The ReArranger

The ReArranger: Cozy Up Your Living Room

With a little tweaking, we will unlock your living room's true cozy potential and beauty.

Fireplace with a mantel

How to Decorate a Mantel

With a few inspired decorating tips, your mantel can serve as your home’s main stage.

Basket on a bookshelf. Text reads The ReArranger and Very Important PIeces (V.I.P) Clutter Free Room.

The ReArranger: V.I.P. Furniture: Clutter-Free Room

When furniture can be both great looking and provide storage, it's a win win.

Brown sofa in a living room

Design Basics

If you feel overwhelmed, all you need are a few design basics to achieve your desired look.

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