Multipurpose Room Design Tips & Ideas

The ReArranger: Work Space Change-Up 3 Ways

Turn a non-conventual work space into an area with a lot of fun and functionality that’s so easy to add to your home.

Bookcases: Uses and Arrangements

Bookcases are the little engines that could. Find out how you can use a bookcase in every room in the house!

The ReArranger: Space Within a Space

What to do if your home doesn’t have a designated office area? You create a space within a space.

Decorating Vertical Spaces

Take your walls from ‘meh’ to amazing with our expert advice on how to decorate vertical spaces.

Update in an Hour

You can be short on time, yet long on style. Find out how you can update your home in an hour or less.

All About Accessories

Like the frosting on the cake, accessories add a special touch to your room. Learn how to make the most of your accessories collection with our guide to arranging accessories.

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