Decorating with Cool Colors

Blue, green, and purple are considered cool colors. Such hues can enlarge a small space and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Create a peaceful palette for your home with our Cool Color Guide.

The meaning of color

All colors are associated with meaning. When decorating your home, consider the feeling you want to evoke in each room.

The color of the sky and sea, blue is associated with wisdom and stability. Light blue has a calming effect and is considered clean and pure. Dark blue is a serious color associated with depth and power. 

Green is a healing color. The color of nature, it symbolizes growth, fertility, and hope. Olive green is the traditional color of peace. Aqua green symbolizes emotional healing and protection.  

Luxurious purple denotes wealth and ambition. Use it to promote feelings of creativity, mystery, and magic. Light purple works well when creating a romantic space. Use dark purple in a home office to inspire financial success.

Sense of space

Cool colors in lighter shades make small spaces feel larger, while darker shades create a feeling of intimacy. Because they are associated with calm and relaxation, cool colors are ideal for private rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. They also work well in a home office to help improve concentration.

Go bright

Cool colors can still be dynamic. Choose brighter shades of turquoise and aqua and offset them with white trim for an added pop. Or go with a rich purple and add a touch of warmth with gold accents.

Create balance

Even if you’re primarily drawn to cool colors, you’ll want to balance the look with some warm shades. Choose colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel. For example, if purple is your dominant color, add accents in yellow or orange. 

Make it monochrome

Cool colors work well in monochrome. Varying shades of the same color adds depth and interest to a room, while still conveying a sense of peace and ease.