Five Ways to Use a Defunct Fireplace

It’s all too common: a beautiful fireplace unfit for a fire. If the chimney sweep rains on your lovely blaze, don’t fret. We’ve got five ideas for filling an old fireplace with style.

Install shelves

Just because a fireplace doesn’t light, doesn’t lessen its visual attraction. Install shelves within it and display beloved knick-knacks and accessories.

Create a library

An old fireplace makes a lovely mini library. Stack it full to the brim or artfully arrange piles of well-read literature.

Fill it with candles

Many small lights make a beautiful blaze. If you can’t light a fire in your fireplace, cast a glow with a dozen or more candles. Tip: Use cake stands to vary their height.

Go green

Create an indoor garden by filling your fireplace with plants. Your space will immediately feel abundant with life and your air quality will improve.

Build up the bling

Be of good cheer with a shiny, sparkly display. Hang mirrors on the interior of the fireplace and fill it with glitzy mosaics, crystal vases, and other bling-y baubles.