How to Style Your Coffee and Side Tables

Move over sweat socks and last night’s take-out. The coffee table is ready to shine. Turn your coffee table into your home’s main stage with the following ideas:

Collect Memories:

The coffee table is an ideal place to display special memories. Picture albums and souvenirs from a trip or a lifetime event such as a wedding or graduation inspire conversation and allow you to relive your memorable moments time and again. 

Go Au Naturale:

Create a look filled with natural elements. Wooden bowls and baskets set the scene. Fill them with pinecones, branches, and/or stones. We also like clear glass hurricane vases that show off nature’s bounty. For a bolder, more colorful look, fill them with citrus fruits!<

Vary the Height:

Don’t let the coffee table lie flat. Vary the height of your décor. Pair a tall vase with a shorter stack of books and a candle or two. It’s also wise to vary the texture and shape of your objects. 

Choose a Theme:

Can’t stop singing the Beatles? Perhaps you’re in love with Paris (we can’t blame you there), or maybe Asian art. Choose a theme for your coffee table and work from there. Collect art, artifacts, books, and other accessories that bring your hobby or interest to life. 

Less is More:

The “less is more” rule of thumb works well on the coffee table. Try hard not to bury the surface in magazines and remotes. Sometimes a coffee table looks best with nothing more than a simple stack of books and a vase of fresh flowers. 

An Element of Surprise:

The coffee table is the perfect place to display something surprising such as an odd sculpture or work of art. Don’t be afraid to extend beyond the traditional coffee-table book and surprise your guests with an oddball charm.