Small Space Furniture Guide

Look around. Is the stuff piling up? Does your living room look like an obstacle course? It may be time to downsize your furniture and expand your usable space. How does one achieve such a feat? Consider purchasing double-duty furniture—pieces that serve more than one purpose. Take a little home tour and see what we mean.

The Dining Room

Keep your dinnerware within easy reach with a dining room table that includes a roomy cupboard. Store plates and dishes or often-used condiments and pantry items. Some dining room tables are even designed to include wine racks.

The Living Room

Living room furniture offers myriad opportunities for two-in-one design. Storage ottomans keep blankets, board games, electrical equipment and other items out of sight. Clever storage cubes can stow away unsightly clutter while also serving as a side table or footrest. Nesting tables, which house three tables in one, are great for cocktail parties. Pull up your computer when you need it with a mobile computer table.

The Bedroom

The right bedframe can drastically improve your storage options. Many frames now include under-bed storage drawers. These deep spaces keep extra linens and out-of-season clothes dust-free. For the kids’ room, consider a loft bed. They increase floor space and/or provide essential storage, such as this model with bookcases and a dresser built right in.  

The Guest Room

Visitors put the squeeze on small-space living, but it's a snap to convert a living room or
den into a comfortable space for guests. Full-size sleeper sofas easily sleep two, and give back precious floor space when folded for day use. Or, consider the latest in hide-a-bed technology, the console bed: a compact console that stows a memory foam mattress and pull-out frame inside. Daybeds also are a great option for guests. By day, they provide convenient seating,
and by night, they can accommodate two guests with a trundle. As an added bonus: you can
easily switch up your décor by simply changing the linens!