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Come visit Slumberland Furniture in Joplin, MO for all your home furnishing needs: sofas, accent chairs, mattresses, recliners, and more! Slumberland has it all, suitable for any home décor style and layout. Check out the Slumberland store in Joplin, MO, for all these items and more. Our qualified and professional staff will help you find the home furniture items of your dreams.


Featuring various forms of sofas and couches for your pleasure, Slumberland has sofas in every home décor style imaginable in various materials. The available materials are fabric, leather, faux leather, microfiber, and vinyl. These materials each have their benefits and shortcomings. For example, fabric is relatively affordable and is extremely easy to clean. Simply use any household cleaner you would normally use on clothing. Unfortunately, however, fabric is not quite as durable as, say, leather. Leather has unbeatable good looks, but it is difficult to clean, requiring special cleaners. Faux leather has the benefit of being a cruelty-free product, and it shares many of the perks of genuine leather. However, just like leather, it is difficult to clean effectively. Microfiber is supremely soft, so it is excellent for those valuing comfort above all. However, it is very absorbent and stains easily. Fortunately, you can easily clean it with household cleaners, just like fabric.


Of the wide assortment of mattresses that we offer, there are three main varieties: innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam. There are a variety of benefits and shortcomings to each type of mattress.


This variety of mattress is made of layers of spring coils arranged in an array. The coils offer the bulk of the support of this type of mattress. Innerspring mattresses also are generally firmer than other types, which is perfect if you are a heavier sleeper and tend to sink into other mattresses. These mattresses also have minimal heat retention, so if you sleep hot, that is an excellent feature.


This form of mattress is constructed with two main components, a layer of springs and a foam support core. This is, as the name implies, a hybrid of the innerspring and memory foam type mattresses, containing both spring arrays and foam. These types of mattresses effectively blend bounciness and contouring. They also typically have average heat retention, ideal for those who do not sleep particularly hot or cold.

Memory Foam

This variety of mattresses is composed completely of foam cushion, and it is designed to have the maximum in body conformity. This type of mattress is the softest and is best for those looking for body conformity. There is a great amount of "sink" in this mattress, and it also has good heat retention. This is excellent if you sleep cold. Another benefit of this mattress is its great ability to allow one sleeper to not be disturbed if another sleeper gets up.

Accent Chairs

An accent chair is a chair that is meant to serve as a central theme in a room. They are generally supposed to draw the eye so as to serve as the visual focal point of the room, either through color or décor style contrast. For example, a bright red chair in a room otherwise decorated with neutral colors will stand out. Also, a baroque leather armchair will stand out in a room otherwise decorated in a minimalist style. You can select from the wide assortment of accent chairs Slumberland has available to find the perfect one to serve as the center of your living room. Available in a wide variety of décor styles, our accent chairs are perfectly suited to just about any type of decorating aesthetic.


This type of chair is excellent for anyone with lower back problems or who just likes to relax and take a load off at the end of the day. As their name implies, recliners allow you to recline your seat. Many of Slumberland’s recliners also have a massage function, allowing you the maximum in relaxation while using them. Many of our recliners also have an adjustable headrest, so those with neck pain can optimize their reclining position. Some also feature a USB port, so you can charge your devices while seated. Our recliners also come in leather, faux leather, fabric, microfiber, and vinyl, so you have the same range of options as with the sofas and couches. Additionally, many of Slumberland’s recliners have a wall-hugging feature so that they can be placed flush with a wall and be relatively unobtrusive in the room.

Slumberland Furniture

Come by our Joplin, MO store and see the great variety of furniture items available for immediate purchase! We have recliners, mattresses, accent chairs, and more.


We look forward to serving you!

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