Tempur-Pedic vs Purple:
Why We Think Tempur-Pedic is Better*

Let’s get it out of the way: we sell mattresses at Slumberland. One of the brands we carry is Tempur-Pedic. (We also carry Stearns and Foster, Sealy, Slumbercrest, and more.) And while we don’t sell Purple mattresses, we speak with a lot of customers who ended up returning their Purple bed and coming to us for a sleep solution that worked better for them.

So, yes. We may be a little biased, but we still know a great deal about mattresses and sleep health in general. When we pair a customer with their new mattress we spend as much time as it takes to find the right solution from them – sometimes this involves multiple visits to our showroom, other times it takes less than half an hour.

We’ll start with a quick overview of both brands, then dive deep into these topics:

*Editor’s note: We know “better” is a subjective term. But we’re proud of the products we offer, and our sleep experts like recommending Tempur-Pedic to their customers because it was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with retail mattresses by J.D. Power 2 years in a row. To try a Tempur-Pedic in person, find the Slumberland location nearest you.

Tempur-Pedic vs. Purple: A Quick Overview


Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: Tempur-Pedic Mattress Reviews

At Slumberland, we carry the five main Tempur-Pedic mattress collections:

  1. TEMPUR-Adapt® – Features Tempur-Pedic’s extra soft comfort layer and Tempur-Pedic’s original pressure-relieving TEMPUR® support layer, with a cool-to-touch cover.
  2. TEMPUR-ProAdapt® – Features Tempur-Pedic’s dual cover system (a zip-off cover that is machine washable), along with Tempur-Pedic’s extra soft comfort layer and its advanced pressure-relieving support layer.
  3. TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt® – This model is similar to the ProAdapt, but features a more advanced support layer with a tighter cell structure, which makes it more conforming.
  4. TEMPUR-ProBreeze® – The first of two Breeze options. The ProBreeze line uses phase change material (PCMs) that absorb your body heat, keeping you cool. Plus, it uses special TEMPUR material that is designed to have no insulation, making it very breathable.
  5. TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® – The LuxeBreeze model is similar to the ProBreeze, but it also uses a ventilated version of Tempur-Pedic’s advanced pressure-relieving foam.

Each of those mattresses is available in a variety of firmness levels (medium, medium-firm, soft, etc.), including hybrid options (which means they use individually wrapped pocketed coils as a support base to give you a more traditional, bouncy feel).

All Tempur-Pedic mattresses use some version of TEMPUR-material. TEMPUR-material was originally designed by NASA to be used in the space shuttle – it’s so good at absorbing pressure that it was intended to absorb the pressure experienced by astronauts as they shot through the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you want to learn more about Tempur-Pedic mattresses, click here. If you’re looking to find your nearest Slumberland store, where our sleep experts can answer all of your questions, find a store here.


Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: Purple Mattress Reviews

Purple® makes four different mattresses:

  1. The Purple® Mattress – Purple’s original mattress. It features 2” of Purple’s Grid (more on this below) for comfort and support. They recommend this Grid for back and stomach sleepers, which puts it at a firm on the firmness scale. Beneath the grid is an 8” polyfoam base.
  2. Purple® Hybrid – The Purple® hybrid mattress still has the 2” Purple Grid, but it also uses innerspring coils. Purple® recommends this specific 2” Purple Grid and coil combo for “back sleepers who prefer firm support.”
  3. Purple® Hybrid Premier with a 3” Purple Grid – Purple’s 3” Hybrid Premier has 50% more Purple Grid than the hybrid model. It has a soft, plush feel and is recommended for couples who need different levels of support from their mattress and people who switch their sleep positions throughout the night.
  4. Purple® Hybrid Premier with a 4” Purple Grid – Purple’s 4” Hybrid Premier has twice as much Purple Grid as the introductory hybrid model. It’s Purple’s most expensive mattress ($2999 for a queen size) and is recommended by Purple for “full-figured sleepers and side sleepers.”

Purple® originally started with just one mattress – The Purple® Mattress with its foam base and its 2” gel Grid comfort layer. What changes when you go up in Purple® pricing is (mainly) the amount of Grid you’re getting. It isn’t until the 3” and 4” models that Purple started recommending its mattress for side sleepers (which most of us are).

Compare that with Tempur-Pedic – what changes in Tempur-Pedic mattresses is the foam density and cooling technologies of the mattress, but each model uses contouring TEMPUR-material that will adapt to your body shape, weight, and body temperature. This gives you individual comfort, no matter what your sleeping position is.

Tempur-Pedic vs. Purple: Pressure Relief and Comfort

Tempur-Pedic mattress

A good mattress needs to provide you with pressure relief and comfort – without that, you’ll struggle to get a good night’s sleep. For example, if you’re tossing and turning on your bed and you’re predominantly a side sleeper, then that could mean you’re laying on a bed that doesn’t provide enough pressure relief for key areas like your shoulders and hips. So, pressure swells up on your shoulder and throughout the night your brain tells your body to move to alleviate that pressure.

Let’s look at how each mattress brand works to alleviate pressure and provide comfort.


Tempur-Pedic uses TEMPUR-material to provide you with nightly pressure relief and comfort. And what makes TEMPUR-material different from traditional memory foam mattresses – and other materials, such as the polymer we discuss next in the Purple® section – is how TEMPUR material adapts to your weight, shape, and your body temperature (that’s why it's called Tempur-Pedic).

By adapting to those three variables, each Tempur-Pedic mattress responds uniquely to the person who is sleeping on it.

This makes Tempur-Pedic mattresses great for couples. Couples are almost always different sizes and need different levels of support and TEMPUR-material is the best at adapting to each person individually so both parties get what they need.

There are different types of TEMPUR-material.

All three of these options are versions of advanced, proprietary memory foam. This means they excel at promoting motion isolation (which is a fancy way of saying if your partner moves on their side of the bed, you won’t feel it) and they work to alleviate any pressure points.

Between these three different types of TEMPUR-material, we can find you a Tempur-Pedic mattress that works for your needs.


Purple’s claim to fame is its Purple® Grid. There’s nothing like it on the market.

First, their gel Grid is made of a hyper-elastic polymer with over 1800 air channels built into it. Sometimes people conflate polymer with plastics, but a polymer is just a chemical made of repeating units.

Hyper-elastic means it’s very flexible, and yet should always retain its shape after you remove any weight or pressure.

The Purple Grid was designed to be extremely durable and supportive. Purple is famous for their funny videos where they show the egg test. The egg test is when they drop a large panel of glass with eggs taped to it onto a Purple mattress and the eggs don’t break.

But it’s important to remember that as impressive as that is, the human body isn’t an egg. And you aren’t just dropping on the mattress. You are sleeping on the bed for (hopefully) eight hours a night.

Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: How Each Mattress Helps You Sleep Cool

Another reason people wake up in the middle of the night? Sleeping hot. If you sleep hot, your mattress can make it worse by becoming a heat trap. A heat trap forms when your body heat can’t easily escape out of the mattress.

Some mattresses are more temperature neutral (like Tempur-PROAdapt and Tempur-Adapt), while other mattresses actively work to cool you down (like the Tempur Breeze line).


Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: How Tempur-Pedic Helps You Sleep Cool

Every Tempur-Pedic mattress has a cool-to-touch cover. They accomplish this by using a high-density molecular yarn in their cover. That means heat can’t stay attached to the cover, it immediately dissipates.

But Tempur-Pedic also has the Breeze line, which was specially designed to help cool down hot sleepers.

There are two Tempur-Pedic Breeze mattresses:

The Breeze models combine Tempur-Pedic’s cool-to-touch cover with a layer of phase change material (PCMs). PCMs are heat activated – when PCMs encounter your body heat they actually absorb the heat and help you cool down.

The LuxeBreeze also uses a special layer of advanced pressure-relieving TEMPUR-material that is ventilated. This helps promote airflow and is why the LuxeBreeze can cool you down by up to 8 degrees.


Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: How Purple Helps You Sleep Cool
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Purple’s claim to helping you sleep cool rests on their unique Purple® Grid. The Purple Grid is unlike more conventional layers of foam that are solid throughout. The Grid uses an open grid system as you can see in the image below.

The idea is this helps promote airflow, so your body heat won’t get trapped in the top layer of the mattress.

Plus, if you’re not buying the Original Purple mattress, then you’re getting one of the Purple hybrids. These are going to be more breathable because they use a base of coils for support, not thick foam.

FYI: We know sleeping hot is really uncomfortable and can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re currently sleeping hot, check out our post on tips for sleeping cool throughout the night.

Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: Warranty and Sleep Trial

Tempur-Pedic's Sleep Trial

Normally, Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-day sleep trial but when you buy a Tempur-Pedic (or any mattress) with a mattress protector through Slumberland you can take advantage of Slumberland’s 120-Night Comfort Guarantee.

Here’s how it works.

You get your new Tempur-Pedic mattress delivered and set up. Then your 120-night trial starts.

The 120-night trial is so the customer can really experience the mattress. There’s usually an adjustment period when you get a new mattress, especially a Tempur-Pedic. No other mattress has the technology Tempur-Pedic has, so it’s going to feel different – and more supportive – than you’re used to.

Because of that fact, we ask that customers give their new Tempur-Pedic at least 30 days for their body to adjust. If after those 30 days, you decide that you want to switch models or exchange for any reason, you can re-select a new mattress.

Tempur-Pedic’s Mattress Warranty

All Tempur-pedic mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty through Tempur-Pedic. When you buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress through Slumberland, we will help you start a warranty claim or you can reach out directly to Tempur-Pedic.

Either way, what’s covered remains the same. The main issue a mattress warranty should protect you from is premature sagging. Mattresses are supposed to maintain their shape for 10 years. If they form dips or canyons that you can “sink into” then you’re likely going to sleep poorly.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are not supposed to develop sags that are greater than .75 inches. If they do, your mattress may be eligible for a free exchange. (You can read the full rundown of warranty details and exclusions here.)

At Slumberland, we do everything we can to make sure that when you buy a mattress from us, you’re picking the one that’s going to work best for you. We offer a sleep trial because we like giving peace of mind, but our hope is always to send you home with the right mattress the first time around. To find the best mattress for you in person, visit a Slumberland near you.

Purple's Sleep Trial

Purple’s return policy is similar to Slumberland’s, but with a few key differences.

At Purple, you get a 100-day trial and they ask that you stay on your mattress for 21 days.

If after those 21 days, you decide the mattress isn’t for you, then you can return or exchange it. If you do a return, you do get a refund, minus any shipping charges.

Purple's Mattress Warranty

Purple’s mattress warranty is similar to Tempur-Pedic’s warranty but with one major difference.

In Purple’s 10-year mattress warranty, you’re only protected when the sag in your mattress is greater than 1 inch.

Where to Try Each Mattress in Person

You can try Tempur-Pedic mattresses at Tempur-Pedic retailers and Slumberland. When you visit a Slumberland location, you get a personalized recommendation from our staff of sleep experts. Our team is trained on all different types of mattresses, mattress brands, sleeping issues (such as sleeping hot or with back pain). And what they care about is helping you get a better night’s sleep. This means finding the sleep solution that works best for you.

Purple mattresses used to be an online only, bed in a box mattress company. But recently they partnered up with a national mattress retailer, Mattress Firm.

Tempur-Pedic vs Purple: The Final Verdict

Both Tempur-Pedic and Purple are unique mattresses. Purple uses hyper elastic polymer, and is the only mattress brand we know of that does. Plus, they have their Grid system.

So why do we like selling Tempur-Pedic mattresses so much, and why do we think they are better?

  1. Tempur-Pedic has the highest customer satisfaction rating for retail mattresses in the industry. Plus, Tempur-Pedic has also earned the #1 spot for support, durability, comfort and value of price paid.
  2. Our Slumberland sleep experts can attest to that when they pair a customer with a Tempur-Pedic, it’s very unlikely that they will ever see that customer again. (Unless they come back to buy another Tempur-Pedic mattress for a family member or their guest room!)
  3. Tempur-Pedic has mattresses that are both temperature neutral and mattresses that are designed to actively help you sleep cooler.
  4. Tempur-Pedic has a variety of different types of pressure-relieving foam, from the original TEMPUR-material to the new advanced pressure relieving ventilated TEMPUR-material, which means we can find a solution that works for nearly everyone.

When it comes to Tempur-Pedic, Slumberland stocks everything from adjustable Tempur-Pedic bases and foundations to mattresses of all sizes, including queen size Tempur-Pedic mattresses for sale.

If you’re ready to start the next part of finding your perfect mattress, find the closest Slumberland to you.