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At Slumberland Furniture, we carry mattresses for kids and infants. You'll find all your bedding needs right here. With sizes ranging from Twin, Twin XL, to King, there's a mattress for every child in the home. We stock crib mattresses, too, so even the smallest members of your family will sleep comfortably and cozy. We know that parents sleep even better when the kids sleep great, so everyone is ready to face the day.

Finding the right youth mattresses can seem challenging–you want high quality, safety, and a mattress built to last. Kids are famous for their wear and tear. Jumping on the bed, apple juice spills, and sometimes late-night accidents. That's why buying the best kids' mattress on the market is so important.

Slumberland Furniture knows everything you need to help your little ones get the best rest. Our selection of youth mattresses is sure to please both parent and child, and you sleep peacefully knowing they're on the best bed possible.

The Importance of Finding the Best Youth Mattress

Many parents jump directly from the crib phase into a twin mattress or floor bed. However, not just any mattress will do, and many big-name brands don't manufacture mattresses designed especially for kids. Children have different needs than adults when it comes to sleep as their bodies and minds grow. A good night's sleep is crucial for their physical and mental development. If you've been using a regular adult mattress in a small size, consider switching to a youth mattress specifically.

The benefits of purchasing a youth mattress include meeting kids' specific support and comfort needs. Since their small bodies aren't fully yet developed, getting a mattress that avoids putting excessive pressure on their joints yet supports their bodies in all the right places is important.

Additionally, having kids' mattresses for the little ones helps accommodate their needs during those big growth spurts. Parents often notice signs like larger appetites, bedtime refusals, and sleep regression when kids hit these huge milestones. Your child may lay awake longer at night before falling asleep, may begin dropping naps, waking earlier or more frequently throughout the night. Having the right bed setup can minimize the poor sleep they experience during this time.

Significant growth spurts can begin as young as four to six years old, ending at age 12 before the teenage years. Using a youth mattress during these formative years can be crucial.

Why the Right Crib Mattress Is Important

Infants have even more specific needs when it comes to their sleep space. The main concern during this time is safety, in addition to comfort. Some babies use their cribs from day one, while others remain in the crib through early toddlerhood.

The American Pediatrics Association states that crib mattresses must be extremely firm–even more so than the firmest adult mattress. This helps prevent accidents and injuries. Babies begin rolling over in their sleep around the six-month mark, yet often they only learn to roll in one direction at a time. For this reason, it's crucial to have a firm crib mattress to ensure infants can breathe properly, with their head and neck supported correctly. Having the right sleep space for babies can help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines when making crib mattresses. These guidelines and regulations are so important that there are legal stipulations they have to follow, as per the United States Federal Register.

Legal Specifications & Recommendations for Crib Mattresses

Don't buy just any crib mattress from a non-reputable brand, a foreign site with no U.S. government oversight. It's also advised that infants use new mattresses whenever possible, not taking crib mattresses from second-hand sources. This recommendation helps ensure the integrity of the mattress and helps make sure the bed you buy is up to current standards.

The recommended specifications, as per the Federal Register, for crib mattresses include:

  • The dimensions of a full-size crib mattress must measure at least 27 1/4 in. wide and 51 5/8 in. long. (There are different rules regarding the sizes for bassinets and mini cribs).
  • Currently, 32 brands of domestic crib manufacturers are approved to supply products to the market. Ensure your mattress brand meets these requirements.
  • Thirteen international brands also have approval from the Federal Register.
  • Look for brands that are part of or approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This major U.S. trade association represents juvenile product manufacturers and importers–including mattresses. Check you make sure your crib mattress is part of this American association.
  • The American Society also approves many brands for Testing and Materials (AMST), which is an international standards organization. While this isn't a legal requirement, it provides an added safety element by passing international regulations.
  • All crib mattresses require third-party testing and a certificate of compliance with safety standards.
  • Crib mattresses must meet various federal safety rules, including testing for mattress flammability, lead, and phthalates.

This is why it's so important to buy a brand you trust from a reputable retailer. The crib mattresses we stock at Slumberland Furniture meet all regulations so that you can shop with peace of mind. Contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions regarding a crib mattress's credibility.

How Long Do Kids' Mattresses Last?

This is the question that every parent and guardian wants to know. When shopping for kids' items, durability and longevity are everything. As kids are constantly growing out of clothes, needing new developmental stimulation from age-appropriate toys, and have ever-changing tastes in food, it can seem like the list of items you need to replace frequently is endless. However, you can cross youth mattresses off the list of things you'll need to toss in the near future.

Most mattresses last between seven and ten years, meaning mattresses for kids will withstand the test of time before they can move into an adult bed. Selecting a mattress that comes with a long-term manufacturer's guarantee can help ensure that your kids' mattress remains in excellent condition for the duration of its use.

Shop Slumberland Furniture for Youth Mattresses Today

At Slumberland Furniture, we know the importance of selecting the right crib or kids' mattress. Our youth mattress collection is carefully curated from reputable manufacturers, including Sealy and Imagio.

Not only do we have a fantastic selection of mattresses for kids, but we also offer the accessories you need to match. We carry kids' bed frames in various sizes, bunk beds, dressers with top changing tables for infants, convertible beds, bunk beds, bedroom decor, and more.

And to help make sure your kids' mattress stands the test of time, we offer various protection options, too. Look for waterproof mattress protectors (perfect for those younger years), pillows and pillow protectors, bedtime aromatherapy accessories, a wide selection of bed linens, kids' desks, and more.

Visit the nearest Slumberland Furniture location to check out our youth mattress selection in person, or shop online for the ultimate convenience. We remove old mattresses from your home and provide the option of white glove delivery, where our professionals will place your mattress precisely where you wish, relieving the stress and headaches of heavy carrying and setup on your own.

Shop today so your child can get the best night's sleep every night.