Slumberland Furniture's The ReArranger: Sleek Bed Makeover

Welcome to The ReArranger!!! Slumberland Furniture's Award Winning Web Series! ** Season 2, Episode 8

Today, we are ReArranging and re-styling a bed. We're going to do a complete 180, and go for a more neutral, textured feel. The addition of a bed scarf adds a dramatic layer to the entire look. Best part about this particular look is you can change it up whenever you want.

We're going to makeover this bed into an entirely different look and transform the appearance of the whole room in the process. Follow along with the video as we make some select decorating changes.

First, We Get Rid of the Existing Sheets and Pillows

The first thing we do when making this bed over is get rid of the existing sheets and pillow covers. This is because the ones we started with are too patterned to do much with. Patterns naturally add visual complexity that is hard to layer over. For this reason, we decided to start fresh with some plain neutral-colored sheets and pillow covers. We chose this koala gray-colored sheet and pillow covers because it is neutral but presents a pronounced color palette, allowing the addition of details with no problems of clashing (as the other sheets would have). We also added some checkered designed pillows to the bed to contribute a little bit of detail and depth to the bed, breaking up the plain visual line of the koala gray sheets.

Bed Scarf

We then added a bed scarf as a nice little accent piece. It is primarily white to present a strong contrast to the koala-colored bed sheets. The pattern on the bed scarf serves to add a level of detail to the bed sheets, but it also helps to contribute depth. This is possible because the bed scarf goes on top, layering the pattern with the sheet below instead of just being part of the sheet, as was the case with the previous patterned bed sheets. Think of the koala-colored sheets as a canvas and the patterned bed scarf as paint layered over it if that helps you visualize what is happening. This enhanced dimensionality makes the whole room seem bigger and more full of intentional design than the previous plain, patterned sheet and pillow covers.

If you're looking for more bedroom makeover ideas, stay tuned to this space!

Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating Beds

We are going to go over some frequently asked questions about decorating a bed and the changes we made to the bed in our video.

What if I Like Patterned Bed Sheets and Pillow Covers?

If you like patterned sheets and pillow covers like the ones we started with, then there is no reason for you not to have them. You'll just have to make some adjustments to your bed scarf in order to accommodate the pattern. If you choose to have patterned bed sheets, then your bed scarf should be solid colored with no design or pattern on it. The sheets already present enough texture and depth that the addition of a patterned bed scarf would just look confusing and dissonant. In this case, the addition of a bed scarf should be restricted to a neutral color that will not clash with the pattern underneath. Instead of a canvas and paint, in this case, it is best to think of the bed sheets themselves as the painting and the bed scarf as a frame.

What if My Bed is Bigger Than the One in Your Video?

If you have more space to deal with than the bed in the video (e.g., larger than a queen size mattress), you might want to make some adjustments to your decorating scheme. For example, a bolder pattern on your bed scarf might create visual excitement in a larger space. Large, plain sheets can be boring on a big bed, so adding a bold pattern to the bed scarf and pillows can break up the space's monotony and create interest. Additionally, a more aggressive design on the bed scarf and pillows will draw the eye away from the plain sheets and create depth in the bed's decoration, which is desirable.

Do I Need a Bed Scarf?

No part of decorating is required, and this includes a bed scarf. However, a bed scarf is a practical decorating tool that adds detail and dimensionality to your bed. If you are insistent on not using one, then patterned bed sheets or plain bed sheets and patterned pillow covers are recommended. This is to give some variation in the appearance of the bed, as single-color sheets with single-color pillow covers are likely to be monotonous.