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Slumberland sells products manufactured by other companies. Those vendors may from time to time ask us for personal information on customers who have purchased their products from Slumberland. If you purchase products from Slumberland, we have the right to provide personal information regarding your product purchases to the suppliers of those products.

In-Store Data Collection
To the extent Slumberland collects personal information from you when you visit a Slumberland retail store, we will comply with this privacy policy with respect to that information.

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Slumberland Fraud Prevention Program

Slumberland seeks to prevent identity fraud and theft through:

  • Financing
    • By partnering with only reputable financial institutions who have the most updated technology to prevent fraud
    • By personally completing an Identity check (including scanning the ID with Black Light) of any person signing a finance contract.
    • By entering customer confidential information electronically, eliminating the need to retain a hard copy holding that information.
    • When a written application is required, allowing only the last 4 digits of the social security number to be recorded.
    • By maintaining financial applications in a secured place and forwarding them directly to the financial institution in a timely manner.
    • By partnering with the financial institution to provide a secure site for on-line applications.
    • By partnering with the financial institution’s fraud team in preventing and/or apprehending fraud suspects.
  • Check Processing
    • By completing an ID check (including scanning ID under black light) of person presenting the check.
    • By processing the check electronically.
    • By returning the check to the customer after it has been processed.
    • By storing any checks that are unable to be processed electronically in a secured place until deposited at the bank.
  • Credit Card Transactions
    • By processing the credit card through an authorization system, when presented at POS.
    • By manually processing the credit card number and entering the security code when given over the phone.
    • By storing any documentation containing a credit card number in a secured place until the transaction is completed.
    • By shredding any documentation containing a credit card number when the transaction is completed.
    • By releasing merchandise only when credit card is approved.
    • By limiting the amount of a customer pickup transaction, paid for over the phone with a credit card.
    • By providing a secure site for orders placed and paid for on-line.
  • Training
    • By presenting training in procedures and fraud prevention steps to all new sales trainees.
    • By presenting training in procedures and fraud prevention to all administrative assistants when hired.
    • By reviewing, regularly, statistics on fraud attempts and losses.
    • By providing steps to take if fraud is suspected and how to recognize ‘red flags’.
  • Red Flags

Red flags are an indication of a possible fraud or identity theft against a customer and are forwarded to the Loss Prevention Manager for immediate investigation. Some of the red flags that might indicate a fraud or customer identity theft are:

  • Customer contacting Slumberland about an unknown charge on their bank or credit card statement.
  • A customer charge back request from a financial institution notating possible fraud.
  • A charge back request from a financial institution noting that a check has "No Account", "Stop Payment" or "Frozen Account".
  • Recognizing multiple transactions made at different stores for large amounts and set for immediate pick-up.
  • Questionable activity by customer at point of sale:
    • In a hurry and changing order to accommodate immediate possession of furniture
    • Arriving with U-haul prior to the shopping experience.
    • Physical manifestation such as jittery, nervous, etc.
    • Presentation of Identification that doesn't appear authentic.
    • Signatures that don't match or are miss-spelled or appear.

NOTE: None of these in themselves would indicate a crime is occurring but when multiple red flags appear, an investigation is started.

  • Investigation/Prosecution
    • Slumberland records license plate numbers on all vehicles used for customer pick-up orders.
    • By aggressively working with local authorities and the FRPA (Financial Retail Protection Association) in apprehension, prosecuting and seeking restitution from suspects of fraud.

Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633
At Slumberland Furniture, your comfort and safety are our top priority. We've worked hard with all our manufacturers to ensure that, as of July 1, 2007, all sleep systems we sell are compliant with the new Federal standards for fire resistance when used as intended.

Mattress Only
If a Slumberland customer has purchased only a mattress, unless the mattress is used alone (on a platform or otherwise) or with a compliant boxspring, there can be no guarantee that the mattress will pass the new open flame requirements set out at 16 CFR 1633.

Boxspring Only
If a Slumberland customer has purchased only a foundation/boxspring, unless the foundation/boxspring is used with a compliant mattress, there can be no guarantee that the boxspring in combination with the mattress will pass the new open flame requirements set out at 16 CFR 1633.

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