Faux Leather: Pros and Cons

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The sleek look of leather makes a great style statement in any room. Genuine leather is a great investment, but sometimes a lower price option is important. But there is a solution that reconciles your style preferences with your wallet: faux leather

This article will offer some background on what faux leather consists of and how it is used, as well as some pros and cons of faux leathers. 

Faux Leather 101

Many faux leathers are made from polyurethane products, which resist water and scratches. Polyurethane feels soft like real leather and is strong—able to withstand heavy use. It can be produced in the same range of colors, styles, and patterns as real leather. However, faux leathers are made, measured, stacked, cut, and upholstered more like fabric, which helps to keep the cost down.  

Often polyurethane (faux) leathers are used in combination with real leather. For example, the seats, backs, and arms on a piece of furniture (everywhere you touch) may be real leather while the outsides may be faux. This construction technique helps keep leather products remarkably affordable. 

Faux Leather Pros

It may be faux, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous. Here are some of the many benefits of buying faux leather. 

  • Polyurethane faux leather is recognized as environmentally friendly in its manner of production 
  • Offers the same range of colors, styles, and patterns as real leather
  • Extremely durable yet soft to the touch
  • Extremely easy to care for (just wipe down with a damp cloth
  • There are some breathable synthetics – able to adapt to body temps
  • Water and scratch resistant 
  • Fleece backed (polyester & nylon) can add to thick soft feel

Faux Leather Cons

When it comes to faux leather, you take the good—you take the bad. But fortunately there’s not a lot of the latter. Here are just a few things to note before making your purchase. 

  • Will not develop real leather’s coveted patina over time
  • More prone to tears and punctures than real leather
  • Does not exhibit the same hypoallergenic qualities of real leather
  • Though incredibly durable, not as long lasting as real leather