Headboard Design Tips

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Season 4, Episode 4 "Headboard Swap"

A head board is a bedroom star in a number of ways. It makes a mattress a bed. It’s like the mantel of a fireplace, it’s a place to style like no other room has. When you add or change a headboard, the whole room notices the difference and lights up. We’re going to show you 2 different headboards, 2 different styles.

Swapping out your headboard can be one of the easiest ways to transform your bedroom’s appearance into something entirely new and fabulous. For example, in the video, the first red headboard adds a dash of visual excitement to the room and opens the door for the accent pillows placed on the bed. What we mean by “opens the door” is that without the headboard, the accent pillows might be in a purely neutral colored room and would stand out as a bit odd, but with the rustic red headboard’s color addition, there is a universal effect on the room that relaxes the design and allows for the seamless addition of the accent pillows.

The second, wood-toned, headboard has a similar yet distinct effect. It is neutral colored but has a low profile and allows more room for accent pieces on the wall. The paintings above the headboard contribute depth to the room that wouldn’t be possible without the headboard’s presence, and they do so in a fairly unobtrusive way. Additionally, the soft lighting of the surrounding night lamps contributes to the even tone of this headboard, washing over the whole space and creating a peaceful environment for sleep.

Just make your new headboard is the same size as your mattress (e.g., pair a king size headboard with a king size mattress).

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