Color Design Tips

Color and Mood

Set your desired tone with our paint-by-colors guide to mood.

Dark colored paint swatches. Text reads The ReArranger Design Myths: Dark Colors Make a Room Look Small.

The ReArranger: Design Myths: Dark Colors Make a Room Look Small

You may have heard that darker colors make a room look smaller. Doesn’t have to be so at all.

Living room with sofa, chair and coffee table. Text reads The NEW White Room

The ReArranger: The New White Room

Used to be a room done in whites and light neutrals was often considered too formal, maybe even kind of icy. Not warm and inviting. But the white room these days is a whole different thing. Today the white room is a beautiful combination of shades of whites and soft light neutrals, interesting textures and pops of color. The end result is warm, bright and light and VERY welcoming.

Gray Sofa

Decorative Paint Ideas

Put some wow on your walls with paint techniques worthy of a gallery.

Red and orange print. Text reads The ReArranger Design Myths: Different Prints Don't Mix Well

The ReArranger: Design Myths: Different Print Don't Mix Well

The truth is you can do all kinds of things with different patterns and prints and find they mix well together.

Woman sitting on a small stool in a living room. Text reads The ReArranger Entertaining: Extra Party Seating

The ReArranger: Entertaining: Extra Party Seating

If you are having more than 4-6 people over in a smaller space, you may need some extra seating.

Blue, teal, and purple paint swatches on paint rollers

Utilizing the Color Wheel

There’s no luck about it: Taking a spin on the color wheel is a quick, easy, and surefire way to update your décor.

Gallery wall with a painting of wine bottles in the center. Text reads The ReArranger Contrast is Key

The ReArranger: Contrast is Key

Contrast isn’t just dark and light. There are many different elements to play with when creating an interesting room.

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